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art (c) Mike Trap

Demon Days
Purist Conspiracy
Demon Dominion
Deck of Whupass
Don't Push It
You Fool
Donut Shop
Netherworld: The Movie
Project X


These decks all revolve around themes.  Most are designators, but a few are specific cards or the more general idea of fitting into an environment like the Year of the Dragon starters.

You Fool!  You've Walked in to a Trap! [All]

The Purist Conspiracy [Multiplayer]

Project X [Multiplayer]

Demon Days [Multiplayer]

Don't Make Me Push It! [Mulitplayer]

Surly Demon [All]

Year of the Jammers [Multiplayer]

Year of the Monarchs [Multiplayer]

Deck of Whupass [Dueling/3 Player]

Netherworld:  The Movie  [Multiplayer]

Don't Make Me Push It... [Mulitplayer]


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