Secret HQ

art (c) Mike Trap



Author:  Steve Valladolid, Throne War Champion

I decided to make up Year of the Dragon Decks for Jammer and Monarchs for
fun. Let me know what you think. Once they are fine-tuned I think it would
be cool to list them on John's webpage. I tried to make the decks very
similar to the YoTD deck with the same number and types of sites, hitters,
alternate power generation, etc. I also included some funky states in each.

5 Just Another Consumers
4 Edge Warriors
3 Resistance Squad

2 Gearhead
1 Tunnel Granger
3 Rocket Scientist
2 Napalm Addict
1 Titanium Johnson 
1 Furious George (obligatory mondo big hitter)

3 Scrounging
3 Death-O-Rama
2 In Your Face Again
2 Who's The Monkey Now?
1 Payback Time

2 Tick...Tick...Tick (Bad state in flavor)
1 Homemade Tank

1 Chimp Shack

1 Secret HQ

2 Nine Dragon Temple
1 Jade Valley
1 City Park
2 Stone Garden
1 Ring of Gates
1 Gambling House 
1 Birdhouse Cafe
1 Jagged Cliffs
1 Curio Shop
1 Temple of The Angry Spirits (token broken site in deck)

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