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Demon Dominion

Author:  Battlechimp

This is a variation on a Hungry-style deck.  The extra trick is Ravenous Devourer + Tortured Memories -- it plays like the Thing with 1000 Tongues, only faster.  Your goal -- get a Hungry and Dragon Throne into play, and steam roll.  Glimpse Glimpse Glimpse, and work your way back.

5 Sinister Priest
5 Palace Guards
2 Earth Poisoner
2 Big Brother Tsien

4 Ravenous Devourer
2 Evil Twin
3 Underworld Tracker
2 Eater of Fortune
4 Kun Kan
1 Seven Evils
1 Tanbi Gwaru
2 Demon Emperor

4 Tortured Memories
5 Glimpse of the Abyss

2 Twisted Garden
1 Guiya Zui
2 Infernal Temple
2 Dragon Throne

2 The Hungry
2 Discerning Fire

1 Temple of Angry Spirits
1 Ring of Gates
1 Petroglyphs
2 Whirlpool of Blood
2 Blessed Orchard
2 Grove of Willows
1 Phlogiston Mine
2 Inner Sanctum
2 Nine Dragon Temple


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