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Netherworld: The Movie

Author:  Battlechimp

Strictly a fun deck, it's still cool too beat up on people with cards that don't see a lot of play.   Discard carefully, as resources take a while to set up, and remember there is only one of the non-monarch Triumvirate Edges.  When you attack, feel free to describe it as a narrative movie scene!

5 Darkness Priestess
1 Fire Warriors
1 Darkness Adept
1 Fire Assassin
1 Fire Martyr
1 Blade of Darkness
1 Queen of the Darkness Pagoda
1 King of the Fire Pagoda
1 Fire Sled
2 Brain Fire
1 Mark of Fire
1 Blanket of Darkness
1 Counterfeit Heart
2 Molten Heart
2 Fire and Darkness Pavilion

5 Resistance Squad
1 $10,000 Man
1 Ba-BOOM!
1 Titanium Johnson
2 Scrounging
1 Payback Time
1 Entropy is Your Friend
1 Who's the Monkey Now?
1 Guerilla Warfare
1 Homemade Tank

4 Student of the Bear
1 Time Bandits
1 Triumvirate Dealmaker
1 Blade Freak
1 Death Shadow
1 Reverend RedGlare
1 Soul of the Dragon
1 Shadowy Mentor

2 Pocket Demon
1 Shattering Fire
1 Discerning Fire

1 RedGlare Chapel

1 Field of Tentacles
1 Garden of Bronze
2 Moebius Gardens
1 Monkey House
1 Pinball Hall
3 Perpetual Motion Machine
1 Ring of Gates
1 Wall of a Thousand Eyes
2 Whirlpool of Blood


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