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art (c) Mike Trap


Don't Push It

Author:  Battlechimp

This is a fun deck that tries to blow stuff up with the Big Red Button.  The Secret Labs are for punishing opponents who seize your sites.  The big Feng Shui lets you spread out a lot.  Notice that there are 9 mid-range hitters in the deck that don't have any Tech, so you can push the Button more freely.  Notice the super-cool tech play of smoking your own Ba-BOOM! if you don't want everything to go with him.

5 Just Another Consumer
5 Resistance Squad
2 Edge Warrior
2 Hacker

3 x Dallas Rocket
3 x Naplam Addict
3 x Adrenaline Junkie
2 x Ba-BOOM!

1 x Payback Time
1 x Entropy is Your Friend
3 x Scrounging
2 x Too Much Monkey Business
2 x Who's the Monkey Now?
2 x Genocide Lounge

4 x Big Red Button
1 x Satellite Intelligence
1 x Salvage
3 x Smart Gun
3 x Disintegrator Ray
2 x Desire Manipulator
5 x Secret Lab

5 x Ominous Swamp
1 x Tangram Alley 
5 x Inner Sanctum
2 x Grizzy Pass


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