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art (c) Mike Trap


Project X

This deck has a lot of sinister science in it and revolves around getting out Dr. Alley and making a huge Plasma Trooper.  She can also pump up Pod Trooper and Titanium for kicks.  Again we have the Proving Ground engine with the addition of a couple of Sabotages to make sure Whirlpools don't mess you up.  The alternate path to victory is Entropy with all the resource characters.

5 Test Subject
2 CDCA Scientist
5 Plasma Trooper

3 Pod Trooper
1 ArcanoTechnician
1 Vivisector
3 Dr. Alley Matthews
1 Dr. Curtis Boatman

3 Nerve Gas
2 Expendable Unit
2 Cellular Reinvigoration
1 Neutron Bomb

2 Biomass Reprocessing Center (new)

4 Just Another Consumer
3 Portal Jockey

2 Titanium Johnson

3 Scrounging
1 Who's the Monkey Now?
2 Entropy is Your Friend
2 Sabotage

2 Orbital Laser Strike

1 Monkey House
2 Market Square
2 Blessed Orchard
1 Sacred Heart Hospital
5 Proving Ground
3 Whirlpool of Blood


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