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Demon Days

Author: Glen Murie

Another Generalist Deck that is built over the "Bloody Horde" deck without going over the top with it.  Sinister Accusations can also be used to accuse a Sinister Priest of being a Demon so that the Demon Emperor can attack with a cheap character that you don't mind losing and still get stealth. There's a convergence of quite a few different dirty tricks in this deck rather than just being purely focused on the Bloody Horde concept.

An additional dirty trick often overlooked is combining Gnarled Horror with Red Lantern Tavern to 
execute your opponents big hitters (which will almost always be turned). For a faster an more character heavy version dump the Infernal Temple and Shattering Fire cards and take three each of Evil Twin, Gnarled Horror, Eater of Fortune, and Underworld Tracker.

This is a nifty general purpose demon deck.  In Shaolin Showdown, we have a veritable horde of uncommon mid-range demons that can be substituted in.

Feng Shui Sites - 12
4 City Park
2 Fortress of Shadows
2 Cave Network
2 Gambling House
2 Red Lantern Tavern

Foundation Characters - 12
5 Sinister Priest
4 Earth Poisoner
3 Claw of Fury

Other Characters - 22
5 Bloody Horde
2 Evil Twin
2 Abysmal Deceiver
2 Gnarled Horror
2 Eater of Fortune
2 Underworld Tracker
2 Kun Kan
2 200 Knives of Pain
1 Seven Evils
1 Demon Emperor
1 Four Burning Fists

Other Cards - 18
2 Larcenous Mist
2 Shattering Fire
1 Discerning Fire
1 The Hungry
2 Pocket Demon
2 Glimpse of the Abyss
1 Infernal Pact
3 Sinister Accusations (Generally accuse Demons of being Hordes)
2 The Dragon Throne
2 Infernal Temple

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