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Author:  Steve Valladolid, Throne War Champion

Monarch's were a lot harder to make up since all the Kings/Queens are broken
when compared to the hitters in the other faction decks and because there
are fewer cards to choose from. What I decided to do was to have all 4
sub-factions represented in the deck as evenly as possible and have a
Medium/Large hitter in each sub-faction.

5 Darkness Priestess
4 Ice Healer
3 Fire Warriors

2 Ice Courtier (maybe these should be squires)
2 Darkness Adept
3 Butterfly Knights
1 Ice Shards
1 Thunder Champion
1 Blade of Darkness
1 Fire Assassin

1 Avenging Thunder
2 Brain Fire
2 Mark of Fire
2 Claws of Darkness
1 Thunder Sword

1 Ice Pagoda

3 Pocket Demons
1 Discerning Fire
1 Shattering Fire

1 Art of War

1 Perpetual Motion Machine
1 Jade Valley
1 Ring of Gates
1 Field of Tentacles
2 Nine Dragon Temple
1 City Park
1 Birdhouse Cafe
1 Curio Shop
1 Stone Garden
1 Blessed Orchard
1 Dragon Mountain (broken unique site)


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