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82 Mooks

Author:  Battlechimp

This is the winning multi-player deck from Kublacon 2004.  I lent the deck to Jan, who cleaned house with it.  The basic design revolves around the combo of Four Mountains Fist and CHAR -- attack, hose everything, and still do damage!

82 Mooks

2 Student of the Dragon
2 Friends of the Dragon
2 Redeemed Gunman
2 Hackers
1 Dragon Dojo

2 Consumer on the Brink
2 Chinese Doctor
3 Wandering Swordsman
2 Steven Wu

1 Fighting Spirit
3 Final Brawls
1 Dirk Wisely's Gambit
4 Four Mountains Fist
1 The Crucible
1 Thunder on Thunder
1 Back for Seconds
3 Golden Comeback

3 DNA Mage
2 Test Subjects
1 Loyalty Officer
1 Abominable Lab

1 Napalm Belcher
1 Nirmal Yadov

1 ArcanoTechnician
1 ArcanoGardener
1 Vivisector

2 Imprisoned
2 Uncontrolled Mutation
1 Aerial Bombardment

2 Pocket Demon

2 IKTV Special Report

1 Secret Pact

3 Eagle Mountain
1 Cataract Gorge
1 Desolate Ridge
3 Whirlpool of Blood
1 Fox Pass
2 Stone Dolmens
1 Sacred Heart Hospital
2 Mobius Gardens
1 The Pinnacles
1 Festival Circle
1 Puzzle Garden


This is a slow-playing deck -- it doesn't bust out fast and dominate the table.  You want to to slowly build up your resources, and wait for opportunities.  The original design has a lot of of diversity, and could be more focused.  Below are some recommend substitutions:

Student of the Dragon for 1 Redeemed Gunman
Friends of the Dragon for 1 Redeemed Gunman
Scrappy Kid (or Wu Bin) for 1 Wandering Swordsman
Test Subject for Abominable Lab
ArcanoTechnician for ArcanoGardener
Napalm Belcher for Arial Bombardment
Festival Circle for The Pinnacles


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