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art (c) Mike Trap

82 Mooks
Black Hand
Cheese Dip
G. G.
G. O.
The Pledged
Ting Rays
Operation Payback
Big China
Dr. Carter


These are the more nasty decks, and have all done well (if not won) tournaments.  For friendly play, I recommend our Multiplayer or Theme deck sections.

  82 Mooks [Mulitplayer]  KublaCon Winner!

  Black Hand [Mulitplayer]  GenCon Winner!

EK (Cheese Dip) [Dueling]  GenCon Winner!

Pledged.deck [2/3 Player]

Difficulty Deck [Dueling]

Operation Payback [2/3 Player]

G.G. [Mulitplayer] GenCon Winner!

G.O. [Dueling] GenCon Winner!

You Look Like Buro! [Dueling]

Dr. Carter I Presume? [Mulitplayer]

Big China [Mulitplayer]

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