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art (c) Mike Trap

One of the key themes of Dark Future is an expanded role for vehicles.  Not only are there new vehicles, but there are several new support cards that increase the effectiveness of them.

There are 3 new "Tank" cards.  The BuroMil Savage is a more affordable version of the Flying Fortress.  The Demon Tank is a mid-range tank state, but suffers some from not being able to be played on Demons (it's a Lotus card, too).  Finally, there is the Tank Commander, a character who is a master of tank warfare.  Tank Commander in a BuroMil Savage is a 6-cost, 11 Fighting Toughness:1 character with Mobility and Tactics...

There are a whopping 5 new non-Tank Vehicles in Dark Future.  Topping the list is the Hell Charger -- it's on par with the Sword of the Master and the Lotus are gonna be feared.  Mobile HQ is similar to the Charger, but at an additional power cost that makes it less attractive (but it kicked ass in my sealed+booster deck at Games U.).  Jetpack is a variant on the Stolen Police Car, BK97 Attack Chopper is another Sword of the Master-like card, and the Battle-Matic gives Toughness:1 and a Fighting bonus based on the number of vehicles, weapons and tech states in your smoked pile.

Motor Pool is like a Proving Ground for Vehicles -- 'nuff said.  Newest Model is a State that gives +1 to all numbers on a vehicle or tech state (that's +5 Fighting Tougness:2 on a Homemade Tank!).  Finally, Spit and Bailing Wire is In Your Face Again for vehicles and weapons.

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