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Underworld Tracker Reference

If you're like me, you occasionally miss an opportunity to return an Underworld Tracker to play.  To counter this, I've come up with a list of cards to keep an eye out for.  Thanks to Ryan Keane for some additions and corrections.

Underworld Tracker
When an effect generated by an opponent removes a card from any opponents' smoked pile and puts it into play or its owner's hand, you may return Underworld Tracker to play.

200 Guys with Axes and Ladders
Ashes of the Fallen
Auspicious Termites
Chi Reconfiguration
Contest of Arms
Conversion Drone
Damsel in Distress
Deep-Cover Rebels
Demonic Plague
Doctor Zaius
Dr. Amanda Snow
Dr. Timbul Damiri
Faked Death
Fighting Spirit
General Senggelinquin
Genocide Lounge
Geomantic Spirit
Golden Comeback
Gong Wei
Hopping Vampire
Inauspicious Return
Infernal Plot
In Your Face Again
Into the Light
"Is that all you got?"

Jack Donovan
Johnny Badhair
Juedeng Shelun vNew
Manchu Bureaucrat
Master Blacksmith
Master Killer
Master Mechanic
Mysterious Return
Netherworld Return
New Manifesto
Nexus Tower
Orange Sage
Outlaw Bikers
Palace Guards
Positive Chi
Rama Singh
Registry of the Damned
Reinvigoration Process
Reverend Zebidiah Paine
Roller Rink
Secret Pact (if they choose to return a card)
Simian Sneaker
Sinister Accusations
Slo Mo Vengeance
Solar Sword
Soul Theft
Spin Doctoring
Sprit Pole
Spit and Baling Wire
Swarm of Teeth
Tank Warfare
Temple of the Jade Dragon
The Big Boss
s always one more"
The Strangled Scream
Thunder Squire
Training Camp
Underworld Tracker
Wild Gorillas
Wind on the Mountain
Wing of the Crane
"You Have Offended Shaolin!"
Xin Kai Sheng

Italics indicates a card that triggers Underworld Tracker only when an opponent targets another opponent's Smoked Pile.


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