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Here we will present articles  on how you can hone your Shadowfist skills.

Winning Deck Building:  Jan "The Man" Malina gives insights on how he was able to come up with the decks he used to kick-butt at GenCon.  Jan also has some really good Dueling Tips to pass on (Jan is three-time world dueling champion).

Beat the Ascended!:  Tips for dealing with that player who insists on playing nothing but Ascended and all those annoying Ascended power cards.

Picking Feng Shui:  If you don't have the correct Feng Shui in your deck, you Chi flow is going to be restricted -- don't let that happen to you!

Faceoffs:  The new game mechanic in Shaolin Showdown -- learn how to use it for your advantage!

Two lists for reference:  Cards that Hacker interacts with, and cards that can trigger your Underworld Tracker.

I've also worked up a little bit of strategy for incorporating the new faction, the Seven Masters.

For you novice deck builders, here's a short article on Ramping-Up your resources.

Having trouble playing the Syndicate? (Aren't we all?) -- here are a few ideas.

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