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Ring of Gates

Ring of Gates is an underplayed card.  It's often thought of as an anti-Architect (Imprisoned) or anti-Had card (Wind on the Mountain, Blade Palm), but there are a surprising number of other cards that can get shut down (or make an amusing combo!) with this site.

Ring of Gates
Turn to cancel an effect that would return one or more cards to any players' hands.

Ashes of the Fallen
Auspicious Termites
Blade Palm
Contest of Arms
Demonic Plague
Drunken Stance
Faked Death
Fighting Spirit
Gong Wei
Helix Chewer
Into the Light
Jack Donovan
Jan Zvireci ?
Je Pai
Manchu Bureaucrat
Master Blacksmith
Monkey King
New Manifesto
Onslaught of the Turtle
Orange Sage
Roller Rink
Secret Pact
Sinister Accusations
Sinister Research
Spin Doctoring
Stolen Police Car
Storm Riders
Temple of the Jade Dragon
Training Camp
Water Sword
Wild Gorillas
Wind on the Mountain
You Have Offended Shaolin!

The below don't interact with Ring of Gates as their effects do not resolve (they are either a cost, or an immediate effect:

David Maxwell
Homo Omega (YotD)
Sir Arthur Broome
The Nemesis
Voice of the Unnamable


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