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Hacker Reference

This list was originally posted by Ryan Keane to the Yahoo Shadowfist Group.  This list was confirmed as correct by the rules mod.

When an opponent plays an Event that steals Power from you or that toasts any card other than itself, you may play Hacker from your hand at no cost in response :: Cancel that Event.

Here is my unofficial list of the cards that Hacker can respond to.

There are three types of responses Hacker may have, depending on the card:

A. Hacker is played for free, the card's effect is cancelled and does not
resolve, and no toasting occurs.

B. Free Hacker and the card's effect is cancelled, but the toast still
occurs because it is a precondition of the generation of the effect.

C. Free Hacker but the card is unaffected (its resolution is technically
cancelled but its effects already occurred at generation).

Type A: (cancelled and does not resolve)
Avenging Thunder
Bite of the Jellyfish
Cutting Loose Ends
Cyclone of Knives
Dangerous Experiment
Dark Sacrifice
Difficulty at the Beginning
Fighting Spirit
Inauspicious Reburial
Mole Network
Necromantic Conspiracy
Order Out of Chaos
Playing Both Ends
Ritual of the Unnamable
Shattering Jade
Spit and Bailing Wire
The Crucible
Thunder on Thunder

Type B: (card is cancelled, but cards are still toasted)
Ashes of the Fallen
Buddha's Palm

Fallen Heroes
Farseeing Rice Grains 
Final Sacrifice
Going Out in Style
Infernal Pact
Kar Fai's Legacy
Out for Blood
Sinister Research
Temporal Realignment

Type C: (free Hacker only, no cancel)
Deja Vu
Scroll of Incantation
Surprise, Surprise

Italics indicate cards in sets after this post.

Note: Reload Costs aren't part of the original effect, so Hacker can't stop an event with a Toast only as part of the reload, such as Verminous Rain.

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