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Ook Ook!  Blow things up!  The Jammers just hate Sites, and as such, have the most cards of any faction that mess with them.  With the release of Throne War, the Jammers have finally come in to their own, and are playable without the support of other factions.  Scrounging is the key, allowing you to not have to worry about card conservation.  If the Jammers have any problem, it's that they are too good at destroying Sites, causing a nihilistic situation where no one can win, and the person with the largest deck can win by default.

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Ape Nuts
Well, the Monkey fans are going to like this guy, but generally they are not as good as Punks or Just Another Consumer in a non-specialized deck.  The two tricks you are expecting with Ape Nuts are drawing a card from Mo' Monkeys Mo' Problems and pumping up your Big Mac Attack.  Beware of Discerning Fire.  Still not quite as cool as Consumer on the Brink, I think this is still a monkey only card (and again, I hate those unintended designator matches)

  Big Macaque Attack
Well, a monkey resource character is going to make a lot of theme deck players happy, but I've found this guy a little on the weak side, preferring Portal Jockies, Just and Another Consumers and even Resistance Squads over it.  Note that he only pumps on Monkey characters (not sites), so a lot of your apes, gorillas, chimps and simians are doing nothing.
  Dump Warrior
Even though the Dump Warrior gives Tech resources, I always feel temped to pull him out for a Hacker.  Even so, the Jammers need Tech for a lot of cards, and there are only two foundation characters that provide it, keeping this guy (just barely) out of the coaster pile.  Note that his second ability is nigh near useless, as most weapons and vehicles either have no resource cost, or cost at most 1 tech.
  Edge Warrior
With a very limited evasion ability, Edge Warrior almost always gets cut in favor of Just Another Consumer, Punks or even a Portal Jockey.  She does look cute, though.
  Just Another Consumer
Throne War gave this scrappy little guy a nice boost by having lots of sites with common designators.  Don't overlook this most common designator in the game, Netherworld.  They only gain the bonus when they turn to attack, so sometimes you may want to consider voluntarily revealing a site of your own if it matches with the site you are planning to attack.
  Low-Rent Cyborg
The Self-made Man is a lowering of the 3-cost for 5 damage bar.  Requiring no resources is good, making him a candidate to throw one or two of in some decks, but you don't want to overload because 3-cost foundation characters are way slow.  If you didn't guess, this guy loves Cave Networks, making a Jammer/Cave deck almost viable.  Plains of Ash in SS might also be okay with this guy -- you can Toast your consumers and hope the Low-Rent Cyborg with be getting In Your Face again a little more often.
Mad Scientist
Well, this is the card that everyone has been waiting for.  The secret war has changed, and the Jammers have primo access to tech.  Well, not primo-primo (like the other talent-dependent factions that have two 1-cost talent providers), but pretty close.  I think this is going to be the hardest card to trade for in Red Wedding, as you only get 2-3 per box, and everyone is going to want 5+ of them.  To quote the Funky Monkey, this card is "da bomb!" I was right about scarcity -- the trade value of these is equal to nothing else, and they impossible to get from anyone (except maybe from their cold dead hands).  That said, unless you are all Monkey all the time, you want five of these in almost every Jammer deck (except maybe Proving Grounds, and you still probably want them in those).
Yet again we find that one of the most playable cards in a set is a new foundation.  Not only do Monkey decks get a
foundation, he's generally good enough to play in any Jammer deck where you need a little boost and have filled up (or run out) of Mad Scientists.  Normally, I'm not a fan of Mobility, but having on a foundation is a nice bonus, because they are the type of character that you can make some lightweight probing attacks with, and then throw away later on defense.  Somewhere in the middle is giving another character (presumably yours) Mobility too, but it shouldn't be overly painful.  The Jammers have been totally redefined as a Tech faction now, with playable 1-cost and 2-cost characters.  Even the Monkeys are happy, as you can make Monkey deck with Tech that's reasonably tight.
Portal Jockey
If your timing is good, Portal Jockey is almost always a free card.  He either comes out for free because of his play for free, or you use him to kill a 2 cost character using his ambush ability.  Oh, and the Portal Jockey just loves driving around in Homemade Tanks, as well as getting in your face again.
Will the Jammers finally get a break with two good 1 cost Foundations?  Maybe.  It means giving up on Tech, but Tech has been a lost cause for the Jammers since day 1.  Note that this card, like it's buddy Just Another Consumer, hates face-down Feng Shui sites, but what ya gonna do?  
  Resistance Squad
The Resistance Squad is the Jammers best access to early Tech without having to resort to playing another faction.  It seems the Jammers are doomed to always having trouble getting their act together.  Note that Dr. John Haynes ability is mandatory (the looking at hand part is), so can try to trick this card out for free with an event.  There is a slowly growing cadre of effects that look at hands, so triggering this guy is slightly more probably, but still kinda rare.
  Street Gang
One of the big themes of BCL is cops vs. hoods, and the Jammers get a Hood foundation to go with their miscellaneous hoods from previous expansions.  These guys are ok-ish, and they do make a nice 2 of in a deck if you have a heavy environment of non-combat damage (cough Temple cough).  The 1 cost foundations are still generally better, and for 2 power, you get the amazing Portal Jockey, or the ok Resistance Squad if you really need Tech.


  Adrenaline Junkie
Believe it or not, the Junkie is okay.  Napalm Addict is probably better all around, but in conjunction with +damage effects (like Entropy and guns), the Junkie can sometimes get through.  If you don't have + effects, then the card is somewhat marginal because of the poor ratio of 4 power for 5 fighting.
  Apes of Wrath
Oddly enough, the Apes fit in very well with Throne War because their best friend is the Lotus.  More specifically, Apes goes really well with Inauspicious Return -- get three guys back, run them into some thug, and watch your Apes grow.  Of course, you can stick in the Jammers and use In Your Face Again.  You will often find that your opponents will gang up on your Apes before they get too big, but a well timed Close Call can let you go ape.
  Battlechimp Potemkin (Standard)
Though he may reign in the coolness factor, the Battlechimp needs support on two fronts to be really useful.  First, you need 4 cost worth of Jammer characters to unturn.  Second, you need to have some way for these characters to do some extra damage.  If you are playing the Battlechimp just to unturn your $10,000 Man, you are better off playing more of the $10,000 man.  You want cards like Entropy is Your Friend and Homemade Tank to pump up your little guys.

Blasting Crew
Again, we have another card with an aggressive philosophy.  Much like Butterfly Knight, this card is pushing the limit and trying to be a 3-for-6.  While not as good as BK (whose damage bonuses get doubled), the Blasting Crew can make use of We Need Bigger Guns for a whopping 8 damage.

Buffalo Soldier
I like this little guy.  Sure, he sucks up the brawl himself, but the rest of your army leads on.  He also puts a damper on Operation Killdeer, which can be surprisingly useful when you are attacking with a couple of Consumers and have a hefty Entropy is Your Friend out.  If you are a real masochist, play with Training Camp to get these guys back, or maybe just In Your Face Again and hope to get lucky.  Also, with two of these guys in play, they will protect each other.
Basically, the Chimpanzer is a 3-for-4, with an ability that rarely comes into play.  Well, this card's other ability of having a Gas Mask is always handy.  Still, it is a member of the Jammers Cave Network arsenal.
  Chromosome Screamer
Make no mistake, this card is bad.  It's another Dragon Fighter in disguise, only this time with a gas mask (requires Tech) and a pretty junky +2 damage ability.  Avoid at all costs.
Curtis Graham
The Monkey Who Would Be King got a new friend in BCL.  Notice this guy's low resource requirements, and his nifty provisions.  Just when I was getting used to including a Dump Scrounger or two in most Jammer decks, she gets some serious competition.  Expect Curtis to have a big target on his head, so you might want to pack a few cards to keep him around.  Who's the Monkey Now? and Close Call (both played for free with Genocide Lounge hopefully) jump right out, but the possibilities are endless if you go multifaction (which this guy's resources let you do).
Dallas Rocket
Have no doubt about it, the Dallas Rocket is the CHAR killer.  But, it's also a Site taking machine if you can get any interceptors out of the way (sometimes hard for the Jammers).  The Rocket goes well with In Your Face Again because of it's relatively cheap cost for a potential 6 damage.  Also, this card has a great ability to use with Rigorous Discipline, and the Rocket is a card you love to get back with In Your Face Again.
  Demolition Expert
Between Grenade Launcher and Pump-Action Shotgun, there is no reason to play with Demolitions Experts, except maybe in a Rebel deck.  You will need to use the ability twice to make up for the power cost, and this card has a big target painted on it, not to mention that the Demolition Expert dies a horrible death to Final Brawl.
  Doctor Zaius
This card has the sort of ability that you wish was on a card with just a few more points of Fighting (like Xin Kai Shen).  Yeah, you can combo him with a Homemade Tank, but most people are going to see this coming and not.  Again, Monkey Who Would Be King and Curtis Graham are more useful as mid-range, and Doctor Zaius is probably going to wind up in everyone's card box next to Red Don.  You can try playing a Homemade Tank on Zaius, but then you are going to have to choose between attacking characters to use his ability, or sites to get ahead in the game.
  Dr. Ivan Vasilovich
The good doctor isn't half bad, and can be a lot of fun in a casual deck.  He's got two abilities that you can play with -- the healing ability can be extra sneaky when used in conjunction with cards that return characters to play.  Also, just chilling out and gaining two power in only a semi-threatening way is good in my book.  My biggest gripe is requiring
, but that's life.  Yet another to consider not playing Ape City.  Just like Curtis Graham, I find that I can throw the Doc in almost any Jammer deck, and not feel bad about drawing him.

Dr. Quentin Higginsbottham
Another solid card, especially good for playing tricks.  He's both offensive and defensive if you set it up right.  Playing Temple of the Angry Spirits is a must, and maybe you can go for extra-jank with cards like Maze of Stairs.  Heck, this is good with any site you can benefit from losing -- say a Nine Dragon Temple for 3 power? 

  Dump Scrounger
I've been generally disappointed by Junkyard Crawler in this cost spot, and this looks to be a decent card to give the Jammer a tech boost (not to mention some alternate power generation).  Mid game it's also going to improve your In Your Face Again chances, if you're going that route
  FAE Schwartz
I don't know about your environment, but this card is basically a 3-cost 3-point Napalm Sunrise, that you can only play targeting yourself.  You are hoping to pull off some sort of trick to increase his fighting, but that is just going to flush more power down the drain.  If you absolutely have to blow stuff up, take a look at Borrowed Nuke (or even Parting Gift, which does some nice damage).  This is no where as good or as fun as the lower Mad Bomber.

Fire Woman
I think this ramp character is going to play a lot like Consumer on the Brink, except that you have a little more control over the effect.  Yes, you can do crazy shizzle like play Killing Rains to maximize Fire Woman, but., at only 1 power, she still should be good even you have only 1 damage site.

  Flying Monkey Squad
Strictly a fun card, especially if you like jumping up and down shouting ook ook ook at the table.  On their own, the Squad does not stick out as exceptional, but they shine if you can combine them with a State or two for some extra damage.  Flying Monkey Homemade Tank Squad is a 5 cost 7 Fighting Superleaping Independent ape of doom with Toughness:1.  Is that crazy or what?
  Funky Monkey
When he's not ho'ing out Koko Chanel, Funky is trying to be a variant on a 3c-for-6f.  Unlike the god-awful Street Fighter, you don't lose his main ability if they smoke the character getting the bonus -- he can give that +1f bonus on every player turn, so spread it around as needed.  The can't steal power is mostly a gravy ability, but can be useful if Blessed Orchards are popular in your area (they are in ours) or you are in a multiplayer game and fear a Bite.

For those of you with only the promo version, here is the final card text:

Unique. Opponents cannot steal Power from you. Once each turn, you may give another Character +1 Fighting until the end of the turn.

Most of the time I wind up playing Gearhead not for its ability, but for its Tech resource.  When I'm already loaded up on Consumers and Squads, I will often choose Gearhead over Dump Warrior for that resource boost.  The ability does kick in from time to time, and you can punish those people who love sites that turn, and Monkeywrenching is an obvious combo.  UPDATE:  I haven't played Gearhead since the new 2-cost Jammers that provide tech have come out, with Curtis Graham being my favorite.
  Grenade Posse
While the Posse is cool for cleaning out some trash from a Site your are about to take, they are a little expensive for the task.  If you can get two of these guys out, along with their boss the Battlechimp, you can do some serious grenade lobbing.
Gunrunner is a 3 for 3 that has two abilities that rarely kick in.  Occasionally you will run into a Cop or two, but the odds are that they will have a 4 or more Fighting, so your Gunrunner can't take them down alone.  Sometimes you will also get a clueless opponent who attacks an unturned Gunrunner's location with a character with a Weapon State.  The other way to use this card is by passing of guns between your characters -- attack with one, then after the attack, use Gunrunner to pass it off.  Of course, you just could have paid for 3 Pump-Action Shotguns instead of playing this card...
  Jack of All Trades
Jack has some potential, but it takes a lot of work.  Not only are you going to be fishing out your Homemade Tanks, you are going to be getting a much needed Tech boost in your Jammer decks.   It's going to be a real drag when your opponent starts fishing out Shadowy Mentors, so kill this guy asap.  It will be interesting to see just how good a 1-c tech provide for the Jammers is.
  Jamal Hopkins
Three power to mess with your opponents' Site structure is just a little too much.  While Jamal has the right idea, both Satellite Intelligence and The Monkey Who Would Be King do a more efficient job of this.
  Junkyard Crawler
Sure, he does give second tier access to tech, but the deck filtering ability doesn't really gain you much if you build your decks correctly and cycle through your cards.  Still, he's okay if you are trying to get to a combo like wanting to draw 1 cost events to get the most mileage out Genocide Lounge.  As an added bonus, the Crawler can foil Oliver Chen's evil power -- but of course if Oliver is banking on your sites, you have a problem...
  Koko Chanel
While the butt-monkey doesn't live up to the Iron Monkey, Koko does have some potential.  Gorilla Fighters have a bit more juice in the Independent realm, but Koko has a few tricks.  If you are playing with non-Feng Shui sites to generate power or cards that put you farther from victory, you can actually get some action out of the butt-monkey -- non-Feng Shui sites make great targets, and she is a must for a Jammer Battleground deck, with Bandit Hideout being her favorite.  At 5 Fighting, Auspicious Termites 5 body is also a consideration.
  Mad Bomber
This card is the Netherworld Nutcase!  He goes boom!  The trick to playing Mad Bomber is that you want him to die, preferably at an opponent's location.  If you attack Sites, he won't get intercepted, so you need to focus on characters that you can have successful attacks against.  Of course, a smart opponent will deal no damage to the Mad Bomber if more than one attacker gets through (they will dump them all on the other attacking character).  Of course, you could be totally crazy and keep this card on defense, hoping to Smoke your own sites, thereby denying them to others.  Splash the Lotus, and you've got a pretty crazy Undead Bomber deck that is way destructive.
  Major Hottie
Here we have an okay utility character for the Jammers, if you can keep characters in play.  Sort of like the old Battlechimp, Major Hottie can help out your weenie horde. Works well with Portal Jockies first turn (ambush), and works okay with temporary characters from In Your Face Again.
  Monkey Boy
I am a fool -- I have played Monkey Boy and lived to regret it.  This is a clear example where you always want a Rocket Scientist over this card.  Both are the same cost to fighting ratio with the same resources -- one just has useful abilities where the other doesn't.  Even in the Battleground Site deck you still want Rocket Scientist.  I can remember one excruciatingly long game where my opponents ganged up to make me implode by drawing my last card on another players turn using the mandatory draw on Monkey Boy.

Monkey Pirates
Well, they go into the Monkey deck as filler, but how good is this card overall?  I think it's makes a playable card, and makes up for some of the Jammers' weaknesses by allowing you access to a whole slew of Events.  If you are trying to work the Pirates, you will want to have a little power to back it up -- good thing the Jammers excel at alternant power generation.


Nitro Jack
Well, this card thematically fits the Jammers, especially if you consider there theme to be self-destructive losers.  I don't know about you, but I like opponents having damaged sites -- it draws the heat away from you.  And you know what I really dislike?  Losing a site because someone smoked my character, and hey, that fits Nitro Jack to a T.  Now, I will say that Nitro could be problematic in dueling, where an opponent can be totally locked.

  Outlaw Bikers
I guess the standard equipment for Outlaw Bikers was Pump-Action Shotguns back in the 70s.  I really can't see playing many vehicles on these guys, other than maybe some BattleMatics.
  Portal Rats
The Rats are probably a one-of in a lot of Jammer decks.  Sometimes you really want to get rid of those Edges, and almost every faction has a way now.  In the worse case scenario, you have a vanilla mid-range character, and we all know they can take sites in a pinch.
  Professional Killer
This is another card that just doesn't turn me on.  3 cost sometimes-Stealth 4 fighting is below the curve -- this is what you get for having an out of faction ability.  The guy does have two ok designators though (Mercenary and Hood), so he might inspire some multi-faction decks.
  Red Don
Don is kind of kooky -- he just does weird things and you never know quite what you are going to get.  Unfortunately, you need to leave him unturned, and that's a considerable investment of 3 power to just have him hang out and do stuff.  Hey, but he does cancel Whirlpools, and that's something, so maybe he's ok in a turbo Proving Ground deck..
  Resistance Fighters
Rebel-theme jank, and not much more.  When they keep printing killer sites like the Blue Moon Club and Booby-trapped Tomb, you have to keep printing cards that are immune to them.  Yawn.  Updated Comments:  Yawn.
  Rocket Scientist
Another average 3-for-4, the Rocket Scientist has the added bonus of providing Tech for the resource starved Jammers.  This card usually winds up being more defensive that offensive, often turning to heal and intercepting with its Mobility.  Don't overlook attacking when you need to, especially if you can attack with more than one character, as opponents will be reluctant to use Events on the Rocket Scientist because that will do little to slow the attack.
  Rogue Scientist
Now that the Jammers have Mad Scientist, they don't need to really rely on their 2-cost characters for Tech.  So, you are really going to be playing the Rogue Scientist for the ability (and the occasional 2 points of damage).  How good is the card drawing ability?  Well, it's good if it gets you a card that is going to turn a game for you, and it's not so great if it doesn't.  At some point someone is going to come up with some crazy combo where this card will prove useful.  I haven't seen the Rogue in action, but Shadowfist is not a combo-riffic as other CCGs.  The trend has been to mono-faction decks, and the Jammers don't have a lot of that juice.  So far, searching for a card hasn't gotten out of control, but we are getting close with Wu Bin and a few of the Purist cards.
  SAM Simian
Another Walking Corpses wannabe, I've found SAM just to be a little too limited for my tastes.  You might want to think about a Dark Traveler deck with these guys to try and smoke a few extra sites, but these guys are just so fragile (they always get intercepted for 2 damage to smoke them at the end of the turn), that it never quite works as intended.
  Shaolin Monkey
Monkey fans rejoice -- this is the best Simian we've seen in a while (and makes the cut as playable which the Flying Monkey Squad doesn't quite do).  I think the majority of the time you will be picking Independent as his ability, but the other two just might prove useful in the odd situation.  Oook oook!  The miniam resource requirement makes this guy a nice alternative to my old standby, the Dallas Rocket.  Good even outside of monkey decks.
  Simian Liberation Army
Even more Walking Corpses, but this one I don't like.  The problem with the SLA is that they tend to get stopped by a 1c-1f foundation character, nullifying their Corpse-ness.  Once in a while, you just might gain power from smoking an 8+ fighting character, but it's so infrequent that it's not a consideration when building a deck.  Unless you are going all-monkey jank, take a real close look at the Simian Sneakers -- they just blow this guy out of the water.  UPDATE:  There's been a whole rash of Jammer/Lotus Inauspicious Return decks, where the SLA has shown to be pretty good.
Simian Sneakers
This is the best new monkey card in the set, and looks to make the deck more viable.  Or, you could be going the Battleground route, in which case your opponents are just about forced to smoke any BG site they reduce to 0 (which you are planning on).  Turtle Island is another site you are going to infuriate opponents with in a Sneaker deck.  Don't forget this card's return to play ability -- I like to keep them on top of my Smoked pile so I don't forget about it.
The Monkey Who Would Be King
This is one guy to go ape over.  Nice ratio, and a totally twisted ability.  In multiplayer, he really opens up targets, and even in a duel, he can shuffle that annoying Temple of Angry Sprits to a dusty unused corner.  This is a guy I like to try and slip in every deck that has a sizeable Jammer component (i.e. not some Turbo-Scrounging deck).
  Tunnel Ganger
Use this card to punish people that burn for power (unless of course you are the one burning, in which case it's okay).  After all interceptions (or lack there of) have been declared, the time is ripe to drop a Shotgun or two on the Tunnel Ganger and hopefully take a site.  
Well, he's better than Red Don... maybe.  You're never going to trigger him in a duel, and you really want Two-Face in a four player game.  No one is ever going to play a character that will trigger him, so the best you can ever hope for is stealing two 1-cost the turn you play him.  The power shift is funky to figure out, but theoretically you are paying 1 power for 5 fighting, but the opportunity is way high.  At least you don't have to maintain Two-Face to keep the characters.  Trust me, he's terrible (assuming you're playing against opponents with at least a junior high school degree).
  Violence Junkies
By itself, this card lives up to it's name, and is quite junky.  Remember that it's a 3 cost-for-5 Fighting with a disadvantage if you play it from your hand.  You can try and use other factions character stealers (I like Peasant Leader, but both the Hand and the Lotus have several) to turn the sacrifice into a semi-advantage (the sacrifice needs to be unturned).  I'm not big on returning them to play because they are still just 5 fighting with a disadvantage -- most of the time returning another character that you spend 3 power on (Dallas Rocket or even his Funkiness).  Just when I told you Two-Face was bad, I come to these turkies.  I've tried to make these guys work, and they don't.  Yeah, I know you're gonna tell me all about Deep Cover Rebels, and how you get 13 Fighting for 5 power, but you forget about the 3 power you spent in the first place.  I'd rather be playing The Thunder King.
  Wild Gorillas
Well duh, they sort of have to go into a monkey deck.  There are a lot of decent monkey cards to get back this day, whether you're going for the foundation beatings of Big Macaque Attack, or more control like Monkey Fools the Tiger or WTMN?  Not great, but not terrible -- a big help here is that it's not a reload, and the card comes straight to your hand.  Don't let your Wild Gorillas play with the Ring of Gates.  Remember that is is only Monkey cards, so all your Apes, Simians and Chimps aren't feeling the love.  For monkies only.


  $10,000 Man
Yet another solid 4 cost Hitter, the 10K Man is more of a mercenary than a Jammer.  Don't overlook him in your Dragon and Architect decks, as he only requires 1 Tech resource and no Jammer resources.  Since he cant turn to heal, Sacred Heart Hospital is worth considering if you have multiples of the 10K Man.

401K Squad
Here we have some medium Jammer beats.  I'm a big fan of Napalm Addict (hits for 6) and Gorilla Fighter (Independent takes sites and wins games), so how does this guy stack up?  He seems okay, especially because the Toughness:1 is going to get him through a lot of chaff in combat (compare with the $10,000 Man).  The second ability can also be a game winner if you are able to knock denial out the right opponent's hand (the ability also works when returning to play with cards like In Your Face Again and There's Always One More).  Note that the timing allows the opponent you are targeting with the discard to play Events in response, so this guy is likely to get zapped by anything about to be discarded, especially if it's 0-cost.  Did I mention that discarded OranguTank to hose someone's entire hand is cool?  Definitely a fun card (if you consider discard fun, which I sort of do, when it's a totally out of nowhere effect like this).  Mad Scientist kills a little of the Squad's low-resource thunder, but hey, ya can't complain too much.

The Unstable Monkey is the best Jammer hitter in the game, with the great ratio of 4-for-7 and a great ability.  With a neutron bomb strapped to his back, Ba-BOOM! is on a mission.  You are probably best off heading straight for a Site, leaving Ba-BOOM! as a major deterrent to any attacks against your Site.  Of course, sometimes you just want to kill everything, in which case, aim this card straight at the biggest hitter on the board controlled by an opponent.  A lot of what you do is determined by how many power points you have invested in characters -- it's often a good strategy to hold off one turn on playing Ba-BOOM! as you set up your board to take the most advantage of his ability.
  Battlechimp Potempkin (Dark Future)
The new BattleChimp is quite a bit different from the old, but still has his uses.  The best is probably with the Genocide Lounge where you can replay your Jammer events for -1 cost.  You probably aren't playing too many Tech events, since the best, Orbital Laser Strike has been eclipsed by Disco Inferno.

Black Ophir
Well, whenever you see 5-cost 7 Fighting characters, you have to be wary, as this is traditionally a slot that's underpowered.  While Ophir is not great, it's not bad either.  You are going to be able to smack a site pretty hard (although it's a bad thing if they are unrevealed 8 Body sites) most of the time --Ophir will blow everything from junk up to 6 Fighting characters.  But, against anything bigger this card has no ability.  So, you want to get in a few points of targeted direct character damage to back up Ophir, such as a Nightclub or maybe Do You Feel Lucky, punk.  Of course, you opponents will be trying to do the same so they can intercept.  Probably the best way to go is a Jammer/Dragon deck where you are Brawling before you play/Comeback Black Ophir.

  Brass Monkey
Whatever you do, don't play the card if Quyen is in the game -- he will start singing the Beastie Boys song of the same name, and if you've ever heard him sing -- shudder!.  The usefulness of this card is going to depend on your metagame -- if you are playing UK style where there is a slow build up and everyone has lots of power, the Brass Monkey is not going to get you very far.  If you play West Coast Style, the card is a little better.  You can solidify your power advantage in a tight game.  While this card has a high Reload cost, it can be useful late game when you are running out of cards and characters with somewhat high fighting are at a premium.  I've played him in several decks, and every now and then he can't be intercepted, but he's still doesn't have the general threat level of a Gorilla Fighter.
  Che Gorilla
Big and dumb, that's how I like my monkeys.  And this one can get pretty big.  It's pretty easy to see when someone has a Che in their hand -- they will be counting everyone's smoked piles, biding their time until the payoff is right (usually about 9-10 fighting).  This guy is a promo, so it will be time to send in your power points -- I don't think he's as good as Yung Chang, but he's still decent. My record so far is 23 fighting, which was pretty durn good.

Deep-Cover Rebels
Very ho-hum.  The only place I can see them being played is in a Jammer/Rebel/Uprising Deck, where you are expecting to be able to recycle Deep-Cover Rebels (they trigger every time they are smoked, so In Your Face Again works with them).  I think Che Gorilla is a better 5-cost thug for the Jammers in a non-trick Monkey deck.  Note that any character you control may attack back row sites -- even if the Rebels aren't.  While attacking back-row sites is cool, I much prefer when Monsoon does it.  Again, this is a 1 1/2 trick pony, where Black Flag Rebels or maybe Buffalo Soldier is your best best to recycle.

  Furious George (Netherworld)
Besides the Unstable Monkey, Furious George is the best hitter the Jammers have.  While George is a rocking 5-for-9 with Guts and a Gas mask, don't let his two drawbacks catch you off-guard, and don't expect this card to do much for your defense.
  Furious George (Netherworld 2)
This is an interesting take on George.  The old one wasn't bad, but he seemed to get worse and worse with every expansion as he got more competition (still, I would have rather seen an OrangoTank upgrade, which is a card in sore need of some juicing).  He's got a build in Hosed! ability that also works on defense, which is nice, but mostly he's just a big stick with Guts.  
Gorilla Fighter
As a rule, I like to include two Gorilla Fighters in a Jammer deck if it can produce some Tech.  Since you will have had to invest at least 3 power in foundation characters to meet this card's resource requirements, do not expect to play it early game.  Then again, the Gorilla Fighter's cost reduction ability also usually triggers late game, so the card isn't hurting you by holding on to it, but don't be afraid to dump your Gorilla Fighters if you need Sites or resources.  Since this guy is Independent, don't play him until after you've attacked with your other characters unless you are going to take a Site that is giving Gorilla Fighter a cost reduction.  I have also built Gorilla Fighter decks, where I am hoping to play these guys at next to no cost, because I'm playing Turtle Islands and Auspicious Termites.
  King Kung
Here we have a big dumb ape, with a slight chance to take two sites in one attack.  I know it's hard to pull off, but this guy looks like he's just made to be played with Too Much Monkey Business.  Like the OrangoTank, I think this card will just wind up in monkey theme decks.  Watch out for leaving a vulnerable site -- it's very easy to take a front row with leaving the back row beaten up from the splash damage.  Also, since King enters combat, he is going to get munched on by a back row Temple -- how is that for a bummer?
I think he should have been subtitled the White Elephant instead of Ape.  They have a word for cards like K'tongo -- bad.  Yes, you can get a pretty big thug late game for only 3 power, but he's got no abilities other than being smoked by any blanking ability.  The trick to making him good would have been selected toasting of cards in your smoked pile over random, but that may have been just a little too good with the random return cards.  Then again, Plains of Ash is already pretty good at thinning your smoked pile, and is a somewhat sought-after rare.  No one has been brave (or stupid) enough to play this AFAIK.
  Napalm Addict
Guts alone makes the Napalm Addict worth playing.  And being a straight up 4-for-6, he way outclasses the Chromosome Screamer.  Don't overlook Napalm Addicts second ability of gaining power when Smoking a site.  This is often a good political move.  And, you can take out a Site with the Addict as your first attack and gain a little power without having to burn and end your turn.  The Napalm Addict is also good for getting those annoying Battleground sites off of the board.
  Orango Tank
Expect things to get out of the way when the Orango Tank comes calling, as many opponents will choose to turn their characters to change location rather than get munched under his treads.  Sometimes the must intercept ability becomes a drawback, forcing your opponents to stop you from taking a site that they'd normally let you (having 5 power worth of character die is usually more painful than having 2-3 power worth of site go away).  Sacred Heart Hospital goes well with this guy, since he can't turn to heal and you are expecting some heavy character combat with it.
  Rah Rah Rasputine
While a 4-for-6 with a Gas mask and no drawback is an okay deal, Rah Rah's ability rarely comes into play.  The one Cyborg you are likely to encounter is CHAR, who is immune to damage reduction.  Still, you do find the occasional Plasma Trooper or Abomination like Prototype X to stop up, so you may want to consider one of this card for your deck, but I'd go with at least two $10K Men first.
  Titanium Johnson
Make no mistake, Titanium Johnson ain't no Furious George.  But Titanium is a still an 8 Fighting character with a gas mask, so he is worth considering for a deck.  Don't count on Titanium's Toughness getting very high, but still he does offer a little bit more defense that George, who can't intercept.  This is really a card for four player games.


Blow Things Up!
There isn't much strategy to this card -- pick a site and watch it go boom.  Well, there is a little -- you can use it to get denial sites off the board prior to declaring an attack.  You also can blow up an annoying front row site (Temple or non-FSS) to open up a potential target.  The card is somewhat balanced at 2-cost, but becomes real strong when you are using Genocide Lounge to cut that cost in half.  I prefer Disco Inferno because it's almost as good at smoking sites, is cheaper, and can be used mid-attack to soften a target to allow an unexpected seize or burn.  Also you can use this in a tournament right as the judge is calling time to change the tie-break and maybe sneak a victory.  Blow Things Up! has become standard denial in our parts -- if you see a Jammer player with 2 power, you gotta fear it.
  Close Call
If you didn't have a reason to play Genocide Lounge before, you sure have it now with two good 1-cost Jammer events in this set.  There isn't much to this one -- play it, and do some crazy damage redirection.  It's going to help a lot of your characters stick around, especially ones like Curtis Graham.  It's also going to let your attackers punch through to sites.
This goes well with the idea of a weenie horde, which is often as aspect of a Jammer deck, also fortified by Entropy is Your Friend.  You can often take down some serious hitters with this Event, plus it can muck with your opponents, which makes it cool.  It you're old school, Portal Jockey and Death-O-Rama go hand-in-hand.
Disco Inferno
If you can separate the horrible name from the card, it's actually pretty good.  The hefty three resources means that it's a mid-game card, best suited for a mono-Jammer deck.  4 damage feels about right -- you can snipe off weak sites as denial, and you can also cut the body of a site in half right before you hit it.  Another card perfect for use with Genocide Lounge, cause if you got the Lounge in play, you got the resources.  I expect this to be one of the sought after uncommons in BCL, and I wish I had more
  "Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?"
Well, do ya?  Not only does Barbie say 'math is hard' -- she also says this is going to do an average of 3 damage.  Three damage to a single character for 1 power isn't the greatest, but you are going to hit for 4+ some of the time which makes it a little better.  Where this card does fit is in the Genocide Lounge deck -- this deck keeps looking better and better with the flood of 1-cost Jammer events that are actually useful off turn and as sneaky stuff.
  Far Too Much Dynamite pretty much far too much trouble to play with.  If you put this card in your deck, you probably put Genocide Lounge too.  But, there are so many other good Jammer events that you'll want to play with -- this is just going to wind up as situational jank that you're going to wish was something else while it sits in your hand.  Far Too Much Dynamite is far too close to Fire In the Sky -- yes, you can play it for free, but you lose the versatility of being able to do it without having to get your character in combat, and it doesn't off the last-ditch defense against Mentor or Brawl that Fire in the Sky does.  MIA -- another casualty of the Secret War?
While it's fun to Hosed your opponent, unless you are going up against a weenie horde, you won't get much mileage from the Event.  Eagle Mountain does almost the same thing, and is an all-around better card.  And now there are just better Jammer events to choose from, like Close Call which will also help your characters survive combat.
In Your Face Again
This Event is going to get you back anywhere from 1 to 9 Fighting for the turn.  If you can get a high percentage of utility or high damage characters in your Smoked pile, all the better.  Dallas Rockets and Mad Bombers are always favorites.  If you can filter your smoked pile, all the better, and Dump Scrounger and Plains of Ash are both pretty good at that.

Isothermal Zodiac
Ugh.. you can try and play with A cards, but why?  C'mon, the Jammers already have Scrounging and most likely IKTV Special Report, and with the mandatory addition of Potlach, why are you playing this card that might gain you 1 power if you're lucky?

  Kick 'em When They're Down
This event has a huge random potential -- you just never know how it's going to work out.  Ideally you are playing it for free with the Genocide Lounge (although there are other stuff you are probably going to choose over it).  For maximum annoyance, you really with to combine Kick 'em with some other damage generating effect like Final Brawl or Killing Rain.   Unfortunately, like all the global semi-unpredictable damage, Kick 'em hasn't taken hold in our locale.  Its just so hard to drop a Disco Inferno or Close Call for this unless you are playing a Kick'em deck, which I doubt wins because of the theme card.
  Monkey vs. Robot
This is the best of the new faceoffs, and possibly the best faceoff to date.  It's got a reasonable effect for the winner, and you can often play it for free with Genocide Lounge.  Disco Inferno is still better overall, but you might be able to do something with Monkey vs. Robot.  Note the extra excitement of being able to draw a card with Mo' Monkeys Mo' Problems.  Close Call is going to help you win those faceoffs.  As okay as this is, it's still a faceoff, so what does that tell you?  There are too many other Jammer events that are just better.
Monkeywrenching has two uses -- denying your opponent a chance to use their power sites during an attack, and combos with cards that trigger off of turned sites.  If you are going for the win, turning that Fox Pass/City Square/Kinoshita House can make the difference between the win and being a chump, especially if they are unrevealed and you can't be certain of what will happen.  Also, Monkeywrenching lets you use the abilities of Gearhead, Redeemed Gunman and Smart Missile when you choose to, not when your opponent lets you. 
  New Manifesto
This card tends to get dumped from your hand as soon as you draw it, and you never use its ability to return it. While card filtering is very important, the sites Coral Reef and Monkey House give you constant card filtering, not the spurt of New Manifesto.
While the coin flipping aspect of Nuked! does make it little unpredictable, this card is still a primo 1 cost Event win stopper, and is almost expected of the Jammers.  You can often reduce the risk of a bad coin flip by making a good choice for the first target, such as picking the right most player in an attack for the win -- if you are lucky, the first two flips have chances of either taking out the Site being attacked for the win or taking away a Site from the person who is about to win.
  Parting Gift
This card could become a major annoyance, especially if it's being played for 0 power with Genocide Lounge.  The idea use it to end a turn by making a feint attack in which case your attack is smoked by interceptors, only to do some boomage.  This is a great use for throwing away those resource characters mid-game.  I've found that this card is more annoying than good, but hey, I love annoying opponents.

This is one of the cards that Sixguns and Shurikens will be remembered for.  This is right up there with Never Surrender for shear annoyance.  Not only is it a mini-Dangerous Experiment, it can also be uses as a little tricky denial.  Opponent planning to burn your site for power?  Why don't you help him out and keep the power for yourself!  And, this works great for power sites that you don't want your opponent to seize, like say, Fox Pass.  As an added bonus, it help fuel the cards trigger off of an opponent's BfV pile, like, umm... Gorilla Fighter!   And Titanium Johnson and a few others.  As an extra-added bonus, you can really hose your opponent if they dependent on the comeback events -- Pocket Demon et. al. all subtract for cards in your BfV pile.  Too bad the design team didn't clue in that this card goes in every Jammer deck and make it Uncommon...


Revenge of the Patent Office
It seems that the Jammers keep getting one of these funky damage events every set.  The problem with all of these cards is Genocide Lounge, which makes it really hard to balance Jammer Events.  The card can't be too good because it might wind up costing 0 power.  This one isn't too bad as it will net you an effect 4 damage against a site.. kinda like... Disco Inferno.  RotPO is nowhere near the powerhouse of the Inferno, but it's light in its resource requirement, and can be worth playing just for the occasional jank-factor.

Mr. Strange writes in:
   I think there is more to be said about this card than you said. First - it deals damage to a site only if there is a character at that location - which can be a mixed bag. Second - the target character has lots of time to move around, so the site damage will often be even less directed. Unless you really like the low resources, I'd say this card won't make the cut most of the time.

The fact that there are so many different items that you can key Scrounging off of makes it a very powerful alternate power generation card.  It's almost too good, and the only reason not to play four or five in every Jammer deck is that you just plain don't have enough.  Usually you are better off playing Scrounging even if it will only gain you one extra power -- holding on to them until you can get a huge burst will slow you down too much.
  Stick it to the Man!
This is an intriguing card -- it's going to do nothing if your opponent doesn't mess with you, but if they do, it can be a 0-cost hose the hoser card.  The obvious use is in a Proving Ground deck, giving you some extra protection against Whirlpool of Blood, letting you go turbo.  Confucian Stability is going to be another good target for Stick it to the Man, especially if you have some good states (like say, Homemade Tank).  This is really a meta-game card -- if there are lots of Whirlpools, Confucians and Fields of Tentacles, this is definitely worth trying out a few in a deck to see how far you get. 
  Stolen Plans
This card is hard to figure out -- in a way it's like Never Surrender in that it's a lost-to-win card.  It can be quite a power boost, but -- only in the right situation.  And that situation is when you are the monkey in the middle -- you need there to be an opponent who's beaten down and relying on power generating events (Pocket Demon et. al.) for their comeback and another opponent who's top dog.  Being in the middle isn't a bad place to be, but it's not always under your control.   Other than the big 3, you will also find that you can gain a little power off a DWG or... wait a minute... what am I saying?  This card is crud -- why aren't you playing IKTV Special Report?  What?  You got no
?  Stick to Scrounging then, trust me, I have a plan, and you are better off stealing it.  I've always discarded this, as it was just clogging my hand.  I have heard reports of people holding on to this for half-a-dozen turns and getting a decent pay-off, but the pay-off for Scrounging and IKTV are about the same per turn, and your card flow is better.
  Street Riot
This looks to be a real decent card, especially for the Jammer horde deck and early game.  Attack with your army, and splat anything in your way.  Notice that you can't hose anyone who joins in, only interceptors and other non-attacking characters at the location.  And at 0 cost, you can drop these as fast as you draw them so they wont clog your hand if you need card flow.  Too bad they are somewhat rare, with only a couple in the 10KB deck -- you really are going to want more than the few you get.
  The Ape is Loose!
Sigh, a situational Who's the Monkey Now?  I don't think this card is as good or versatile, but what gripes me is that it's so unoriginal.  The only reason to play this is that you are hoping that the +2 damage is going to get you a site,  You still have to hold this card in reserve, because if you play it for the damage bonus, someone can zap it in response.  This card is also fighting for a spot against WTMN? so in my opinion it's a real why bother.  Yeah, I got one in a deck, and so far, it's pretty much just WTMN in disguise.
  Too Much Monkey Business
While Too Much Monkey Business used to be the alternate power generation card for the Jammers, it's been eclipsed by Scrounging.  Still, TMMB is worth playing for the surprise Guts and Independent abilities.  Some times you will luck into opponents that just love playing Events on your turn, but most of the time you will have to trick them into playing them by making strange attacks against their cards, in hopes of drawing out an Event.  TMMB works best against targeted events like Nerve Gas and Operation Killdeer -- if you play in response to a Final Brawl, your character will enter play just in time to get into the fight, and let's not even think about Neutron Bomb.
  "There's Always One More..."
Holy Cow Batman!  What were they thinking?  "There's Always One More.." looks to be one of the power cards in Red Wedding.  It's In Your Face Again's evil twin, but much better.  Sure, it costs a power, but you can often negate that with the Lounge.  And, unlike IYFA, you don't have to play it only during your turn.  You are going to want to play the usual suspects like Plains of Ash to keep your Smoked Pile tight.  Tyler Childers let me know that at GenCon this card gained the nickname Whack-a-mole -- I like it!  While not a power powerhouse, TA1M is still a solid card, especially if you control your smoked pile or play it for free.  It's a slightly different role than IYFA, and I sometimes have a hard time choosing between them, as 0 power vs. permanence is always a tough choice.
  "Torch the Place"
Much in the way that you'd only play The Ape is Loose! if you've run out of a certain better card, the same is true for Torch the Place.  Disco Inferno is such an amazing and versatile card that it puts this one to shame.  Mix in Blow Things Up, and why would you play a second rate site destruction card like this?  Two words -- Disco Inferno.
  "Trust Me, I've Got a Plan"
Usually I go for Trust Me, I've Got a Plan over The Underground, because Stealth will get by more characters.  This is a card you want to save until you can take a Site with it, and as such, I recommend playing no more than two, as otherwise they will slow down your hand.  
  The Underground
The Underground is very close to Trust Me, but the designers must have considered it slightly weaker since they decided to have this Event provide a resource too.  Still, The Underground really rocks against those decks that have very few designators, like Ascended Family Estate decks.
  Weird Science
The Event is totally chaotic.  More often than not, there will be unpredictable results when you play Weird Science on offense.  You just may get lucky and grab a Site unexpectedly, but then again, you may deny yourself that Site as well by increasing its Body.  Of course, it will be Smoked at the end of the turn, so you're still up a little.  While this can go in any deck, you can take advantage of it by playing sites with names that vary greatly in length from their printed Body, giving you the most options for playing Weird Science.
Who's the Monkey Now?
The Jammers studying Confucian principles?  WTMN? is a powerful addition to the Jammer arsenal, and another must for every deck.  Just one of these bad boys is often enough to make an opponent think twice about that Final Brawl, Nerve Gas or Neutron Bomb.  If  you can hold back at least one power, this is a good card to bluff having.
  Year of the Monkey
This sort of reminds me a little of Necromantic Conspiracy and Infernal Plot.  It's not really that playable, but you might throw one in a Genocide Lounge deck just to have fun with it, but that's about it.  Note that you don't get to look at the target's initial hand that is being set aside.  Again, this is never going to be played, but I guess a pretty nasty think to do is get someone with a full hand and give them all Feng Shui sites.  You can try and metagame this against that player who always plays the +Hand size deck, but you know that it's going to draw a Confucian.


I expect to see a few Battle-Matic decks cropping up, as this card looks reasonably strong, and makes other cards like Motorcycle add up (especially with Jack of all Trades).  It's uncommon, so you are going to have to keep your eye out for them.  Costing 1, this vehicle isn't the best for a Motor Pool deck, but what the heck, you can't get everything.
  Bobo Splitter
You might be able to do some fun stuff with this card, but it's iffy.  It does damage to all your characters (including the subject) so it can be a suicidal card.  It's sort of along the lines of Parting Gift, but is easier to use (and less of a surprise sometimes).  The reload cost on this guy is somewhat high, but reloading 5 of these towards the endgame would be kind of fun.  I found a home for 5 of these in my Battle-Matic deck, where they make both good surprises and a decent throw-away state for Jack of All Trades.
  Borrowed Nuke
Say the name of this card out loud to yourself.  Gesundheit!  Very splotchy.  I might include one in a deck when I'm meta-gaming, but that's about it.  You don't want to be playing either magic or chi cards, so that is going to limit your multi-factioning.  I think I'd always go with Temple of the Monkey King over Chizu for it's versatility (not to mention the surprise of revealing it).  I need to create a coaster icon just for cards like this.
  Tick... Tick... Tick...
The State is only marginally better than its coin flipping cousin, Marked for Death.  Orbital Laser Strike is a much better way to put some damage on a Site, and Nuked! is even more chaotic if you need to Smoke a site.  UPDATE: Two words:  Disco Inferno.
  Homemade Grenade
Now that I've played with the Grenade few times, it's not at bad as I thought.  It's sort of like a mini-Final Brawl, but only for your opponents.  It's okay on it's own, and it gets better if you put it in a deck where it can key a few other cards like Ex-Commando or BattleMatic.
Homemade Tank
How can you not like a card that turns your Resistance Squads into $10K Men?   While the Homemade Tank isn't likely to stick around long, it does take sites and put the hurt on characters.  Like all States, you can play Homemade Tank anytime during your turn, so you will want to hold it in your hand and play it during an attack -- either choosing the character that is going to get through and reduce a site to zero, or play it on the character that is going to grind up some interceptors with the Toughness.
  Jury-Rigged Dynamo
With this card, you are trying to gain an advantage in the Battleground ping pong, but I've found in reality, this card never works.  Any smart opponent is either going to go straight for it and take it out, or is going to wise up and start doing your worst nightmare, smoke your Battleground sites.  Too bad this card doesn't go crazy with Bull Market, or it might have some serious potential (you only get to turn it or unturn it once, since the timing is too short).
  Molotov Cocktail Party
This card suffers from confusing wording, but it's basically Explosives Mk 2, but with the downgraded damage of a Really Big Gun.  Note that the Cocktail is doing the damage to the back row site, so you are either hoping to weaken it up for a follow up attack or smoke it outright -- you don't want to leave weak sites for the next player.
This is a very oddball vehicle.  I'm not a huge fan of Mobility as it can turn you into a chump, being forced to intercept to stop someone else from time to time.  The damage reduction ability is very haphazard -- you really need it against interceptors of lesser or equal fighting to insure that your attack gets through.  Of course, our environment is chocked-full of 1 Fighting resource characters as speedbumps.  Where I see Netherflitter being played is as a supplement to BattleMatic decks, and even then, it's unclear as to how good this "improved Training Sequence" really is.  This is somewhat of a turtly card, as it will discourage some attacks (because of the Mobility, opponents are unlikely to attack with something that's just going to take a hit and bounce).  Of course, if you want to go all the way, you can try this in the Jammer/Hand Superior Master deck, where you can trick out your opponents to the max.  Well, I take partial blame as a playtester for missing this card -- boy is it annoying.  No, it's not totally broken like Spin Doctoring was, but it's hella annoying.  Netherflitter has shown itself to be a huge slow-down to the game, once anyone gets it out.  It almost guarantees that one attacker is going to be stopper on EVERY ATTACK.  Just make sure you have a 1-cost foundation to ensure that you can intercept in a chain to trigger the 'flitters damage reduction.  On a weenie, it's the Great Wall of China -- but on a hitter, it's Temple of Angry Spirits v2...  shudder!

Nerf!  If you didn't realize it, they damage immunity no longer works when Intercepting.  Honestly, this card was broken before, so it needed some remedy.  Still, Netherflitter has some punch through, and a lot of the same tricks as before will still work.  What you lose is the grinding halt the game would come to once Netherflitter hit the board.

What hurts this card is that you can't play it in response -- you are going to get nailed by the pesky site the first time, and that is often when they hurt the most.  You can try blind Sabotage, but that may not get you very far.  Probably the best use for this card is with Proving Ground to stop your opponents Whirlpools.  Honestly, if you are really worried about turning sites, start packing some Monkey Wrenchings, and really turn up the annoyance factor.  Still, this card has proven to be of some use.

Single-Action Devolver
I call this a strictly-fun card.  You are playing this because you want to turn your opponents' characters into Monkeys just to make fun of them.  Well, if you must try to work it, consider Big Macaque Attacks as they can get bigger in a pinch, but your real friend is going to be Eagle Mountain and characters with Toughness, so you can steam-roll all those 1 Fighting Monkeys you've Devolved.

Mr. Strange wrote in that that this is the perfect weapon to toss to Black Ophir on occasion.  Also, there is the super-jank combo of the Devolver on Ranchers, who will crunch the newly made monkey under their newly-found toughness:1/

  Sonic Reducer
This State is sort of like Ambush, but it works on offense as well as defense.  It's going to work pretty well in combination with Close Call, but that requires some spare power (and the cards in hand).  You can try combining it with superleap (not the dreadful Flying Monkey Squad) by mixing Hand/Jammers, which might just now be doable with Mad Scientist.  I have exactly one in my Battle-Matic deck, and it hasn't shown itself to be of any real merit.

Steam-Powered Tricycle
This is a pretty strange card.  The Trike has moderate resource requirements, so you wont be busting out as fast as you would with the other 1-cost +3 damage states (Godhammer, TigerHook and Shotgun).  But, to make up for this, you get a totally random evasion ability.  This is one of those cards that can be included in a deck and held back for a surprise value -- either drop it to sneak by an interceptor, or wait until the path is clear and use the damage bonus to sneak a site.

  The Discombobulator
While this card has a powerful (and reusable) effect, it just darn expensive.  Whirlpool does a pretty good job of shutting down turning sites, as does Sabotage.  This leaves us with unturning sites to discombobulate, which basically means Temple of the Angry Spirits, to which there are better cards to use against it (like Punks). 
  We Need Bigger Guns!
I think this is about as balanced as a card can get -- it's your basic +1 damage for 0-cost, and you get to do some extra combos with non-combat damage such as Curtis Graham or The Monkey Who Would Be King.  The question is -- are you going to be better off with this state, or one of basic Jammer defining cards, In Your Face Again?  I think you need some card where you are getting at least +2 damage to really make this work, such as Mad Bomber (I think this works).  While everyone thought this was a cool card at first (the art helps) it just hasn't filtered into tuned decks.  It comes do: is my deck better with WNBG! or better at one (or more) cards less.
  X-Ray Specs
Well, time to dust off your Battle-matics and make them even bigger.  I'm a minor fan of Wall of a Thousand Eyes, and I do throw it in the odd deck, but as a Feng Shui Site, it has a dual purpose.  Looking at an opponent's hand is good, but it's something you want to do before you attack, not after, so I don't consider it to be an ability of tremendous worth.  I think I cut this from my BattleMatic deck -- it had enough in-effective states and didn't need this, although, if I were a real man, I'd drop one of the 5 Bobo-Splitters.


  Black Market Connections
This Edge seems pretty nutsy-cukoo - it has the potential to gain you a lot of power and/or cards.  It's going to be better in 4-player, and I probably wouldn't play it in dueling.  You are going to have to build your deck around it, eschewing limited and unique sites, but that isn't too hard.  Two sites common to Jammer decks are Proving Ground and Turtle Island, both of which should be okay with BMC.  Puzzle Garden and City Park are also general purpose sites that you can load up on when trying to make Black Market Connections work.  Note that this isn't going to trigger off them playing face up non-FSS sites because they are never revealed.   I still stand by this card -- it's not over the top, but it can be fun.  You really do need careful consideration when building your deck though, as it's surprising how hard it is to do completely without Unique and Limited Sites.
  Burn, Baby, Burn!
While on the surface, Burn, Baby, Burn! looks to be a powerful card, but it suffers from the Jammer problem of only slowing the game, not winning it for you.  Your opponents are going to do their darnedest to get your sites burning to, and you will often de-evolve into a game where no one can win as most sites wind up in Smoked piles, and the person with the largest deck will often win by default.  The obvious combo is with Killing Rain, which does give you four possible factions to mix in, which gives lots of possibilities.
Entropy is Your Friend
This is the Edge that made the Jammers viable as a faction prior to the critical shift.  While similar to Arcanowave Reinforcer, Entropy has a huge explosive potential, and can greatly increase the amount of damage you characters do.  Even though this card is Limited, you want at least two in every Jammer deck to make sure it comes out, even as early as the first turn.  Try to get some counters on the Edge right away, and once you've gotten at least 2, you can start thinking about how to win -- before that burn for power and let people burn your sites.
  Frag the G!
G in this place I believe stands for grenade.  Since it only effects opponents' sites, you don't have to worry about your own site mix (like you do with Black Market Connections).  This seems that it's just meant for the Burn Baby Burn deck, and is also going to go well with Monkey Wrenching, but both of those aren't the best.  Also watch out for opponents with sites reduced down to 1 body -- if they can turn them, no one is going to be able to attack them successfully.  This is pretty much been relegated to the realm of silly cards.  Universal site destruction just doesn't work as a winning strategy.  You really need some pin-point damage like Disco Inferno (or Kunlun Clan Assault) for your site damage so you can make sure that you (and you alone) capitalize on it.
  Friends in Low Places
Just too slow to be of much good.  And requiring two factions limits how many decks you can put this into.  The Dragons and the Jammers already have access to some good power generating cards.  And, with the addition of Mad Scientist, playing IKTV Special Report is going to be pretty easy.  Did I mention that this is also DisFire bait with Friends of the Dragon?  Do yourself a favor and leave this in your card box.
  Gorilla Warfare
Unlike the Gnarled Marauder, the damage to the back row Site isn't combat damage, and you can't seize or burn the site.  You are better off playing Orbital Laser Strike to damage back row sites -- this Edge isn't worth the 2 power investment.  The only exception is if you are playing Molten Heart, and therefore expect to get back your power after two turns (its a Triumvirate Edge).

Hordes of Saboteurs
This edge isn't going to be paying the bills in our playgroup.  Canceling sites is strong, but that is what Whirlpools are for.  And Hot Springs is great at giving a little extra protection.  The play cost and the usage cost are way too high on Hordes of Saboteurs, not to mention the onerous penalty for leaving play (edge removal is part of any good deck, and this is a huge target).  With all our egde-hate, no one has had the guts to play this (and I will be pretty shocked if I ever see anyone with this in play achieve a victory).

  Mo' Monkeys, Mo' Problems
Maybe you are squeezing one or two of these into a deck -- but what do you take out?  I think I always want Payback Time (or a second one to replace the first one that is going to get zapped).  Since the trigger cards are mostly semi-expensive cards, you can't go crazy with this card.  Note that you also don't get to draw from Monkey House or Temple of the Monkey King since they have to be played face down.  Too bad this card doesn't trigger off of opponents cards -- that way you could scoff when your opponent plays Iron Monkey... well, maybe not...  Less Monkeys, Less Problems...
Payback Time
I'm giving Payback Time a maximum rating because it goes in every Jammer deck.  You don't play five, but like Shield of Pure Soul, you will want 1-3 depending on your deck composition.  Even if you never get to use the ability during a game, you are still benefiting because the fear of Payback Time has steered attacks away from you.  Remember that you must resolve the effect of this card before someone can win the game, so if you can Smoke one of the would-be winner's Sites with Payback Time, they're going to have to try for another Site.
Here's another card that I sort of like, but being Limited really puts a damper on it.  I say that because with this card out, you aren't planning on intercepting a bunch, so multiple reductions won't be a huge dip over the first.  Since this card gives only a small bonus, you are going to need a horde of characters to maximize it (unlike Entropy is Your Friend, which can get huge enough to make even a single foundation a threat).  So, top notch foundations and recursion (Inauspicious Return anyone?) are going to help out Rampage!  I have this in two decks right now I think.  It's really hit or miss, but it's still fun to go on a rampage.  Since it's harder to keep sites, Payback Time and Simian Sneakers make nice complements.


  Ape City
Ook ook ook -- I'm not ape over Ape City.  If you haven't figured it out, it's a Drug Lab that basically can't be seized.  And it really restricts you on what designators you can play yourself.  If anything, it's going to be bad because it's going to teach your opponents to smoke non Feng Shui sites, which is going to make them better players overall, and cause you trouble in the future.  Nothing new to add here -- for monkeys only.

Boiler Room
This site seems pretty amazing, as it can generate you 2 power a turn (Trade Center goodness), and, it only costs you 1 power net (you can use it the turn you play it).  So, a Drug Lab that gives 2 power -- are they nuts?  For extra turbo goodness, pretend this is a Family Estate that you will use every turn.  Drop this baby front row on turn 2 and start cranking.

Bomb Factory
This card makes me mad -- this is the perfect example of a card that should not be a fixed-rarity one-of per $10 starter.  This is the type of card that people are going to want to put two of in every Jammer deck.  This is one of the better foundation sites, and it provides Tech to a faction that needs it desperately.  In the 2-cost slot, I'd pick Bomb Factory over Resistance Squad and Dump Warrior almost every time.  Not only does this site provide Tech, but it also has a decent ability in +1 damage against sites, which can make the difference some times.  Expect opponents to seize this baby -- not only will it deny you that Tech resource, they will be pounding your sites with the extra damage. 
  Chimp Shack
This card can only get better with time, as more and more Sites for it to copy get introduced into the game.  Throne War saw several, including Moebius Gardens and Temple of Angry Spirits.  Unfortunately, this card isn't going to accelerate your resources very much, but you can use its play during an attack ability to get ahead in power generation.
  Free Fire Zone
Dunno about this card -- if you are smoking a bunch of sites, I guess it could be okay, but that is going to lead to a bogged down game.  And it's definitely not what I want in a 1-cost Battleground site.
Genocide Lounge
This is an odd card -- if you can get it to do it's tricks, it rocks -- otherwise, it's a pretty generic site.  Right now there are 5 Events you can play at -1 cost -- Nuked!, Trust Me, The Underground, Hosed! and Who's the Monkey Now?  Not the best assortment, but it does give you more options for taking sites, especially the two evasion Events.  These cards are fun to play, if you have can spare 3 Lounges for a deck, then stock up and go ape.  Where the lounge really rocks is in conjunction with City Square -- redirect a bunch of damage to it, and like magic, it pops into play again next turn.  Good stuff Maynard.  UPDATE:  This card has become pretty amazing with the new crop of 1-cost Jammer events that actually do something.  Disco Inferno and Close Call are my favorites, but others are good, too (especially for free).
  Gorilla Encampment
This card is pure offense.  It gives the Jammers a much better alternative to Chimp Shack for a non-Feng Shui power generating site, and it gives you a great shot at going for the win, which is when you are most likely to blow them.  They even have a little bit of defense by allowing you to sacrifice a vulnerable or damaged if you can keep it alive until your next attack.



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