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The Rules Revolt

Tired of all the bad rulings and rules changes?  Or just can't plain remember them?

The Rules Revolt is a project to see if Shadowfist is more fun and plays better with eliminating some of the unneeded rules changes introduced to the game since the Daedalus days.

This is a work in progress!  Thanks to all you Revolutionaries out there who have commented and contributed!

The best thing about the Rules Revolt is that if you don't like one of the changes, don't use it!  How is that for simplicity and elegance (two things often missing from the rules these days).

The Rules Revolt - Rules Changes

1. You can still do voluntary effects at the end of an attack.  The best thing to do here is follow the YotD rules where you can only play events and states.  Tactics and Kinoshita house are given errata to the effect of "you can't do this after combat" so that the rules-cheese doesn't work.

2. You may reveal and use face-down Feng Shui sites during your Establishing Shot if they have a relevant ability.  This overturns the dreaded Family Home Ruling.

3. Once you declare End of Turn, it starts the final scene for voluntary effects.  This overturns the go back to your main shot YotD change and goes back to the Daedalus rules.  I'm iffy about this one, but I'd like to try it out.

4. Count on resolution!  For cards that count items in play, count when the effect resolves (unless counting at generation is the only available option).  What does this mean?  It means you can Brain Fire Pocket Demons and have it actually work right.  It also means that Virtuous Hood works the way it's described in the Players Guide -- when his ability resolves, then decided who's the richest and who's the poorest..  This is also going to make Now You Made Us Mad, Blood Lust and Wedding Gifts behave a little differently.

5. Sacrifice = Smoking.  Strike Sacrifice is not considers to be Smoking for the purpose of other card effects from the rules.  This means that when you vivisect Proto, you get to score from your Feast of Souls.


The Rules Revolt - Card Changes

1  This means when your Strike Force attacks a face-down Temple, the owner has to reveal it prior to combat, giving you a chance to Tactics out.

2. Remove Vivisector restriction from sacrificing itself.  Sure it's gruesome, but the card is nigh-unplayable these days.  The sacrifice (done at resolution) still has to be successful to gain power.

3. Marisol takes no damage from Sites.  Marisol puts the smackdown on Temple of the Angry Spirits without taking damage, like she's supposed to.  Roving fortune wizard gone good.

4. Amulet of the Turtle is "print as played" so you can use either one (or both) in a deck (up to the total limit of 5).





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