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The Pledged

Author:  Jason X  

Note that this is before the new cards and so while there is really no Ascended cards to put in some of the sites would have changed.  Also note that this is a dueling deck and while it works in multiplayer it would be better with a couple of tweaks.

[ Note that while this deck has two Hackers, it's not really an Ascended/Dragon deck -- they are just there to stop Bites and the odd Toasting effect ]

5 Pledged
5 Student of the Bear
4 Family Estate

1 Unspoken Name
2 Sam Mallory
2 Shinobu Yashida
2 Adrienne Hart

2 Faked Death
1 Lodge Politics
1 Realpolitik
2 Bite of the Jellyfish
4 Operation Killdeer
4 Shadowy Mentor
3 Covert Operation

1 Kinoshita House
5 Festival Circle
2 Whirlpool of Blood
1 Fox Pass
1 Sacred Heart Hospital
1 Monkey House

2 Hacker

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