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art (c) Mike Trap


Operation Payback

Author:  Battlechimp

Notes:  This is an aggressive deck based on continual character based threats.  Fast pledged resources and hitters can put on the early pressure, while Entropy gives you more options mid to late game.  The Feng Shui sites are a random assortment of good sites.

5 Student of the Bear
3 The Pledged
3 Family Estate

2 Oliver Chen
2 Philippe Benoit
2 Shinobu Yashida
2 Adrienne Hart

2 Covert Operation
2 Bite of the Jellyfish
1 Lodge Politics
3 Operation Killdeer
2 Shadowy Mentor

5 Just Another Consumer
1 Portal Jockey

1 Payback Time
2 Entropy is your Friend
3 Scrounging
1 Who's the Monkey Now?

3 Fortress of Shadow
2 Whirlpool of Blood
1 Festival Circle
1 Floating Restaurant
1 Ring of Gates
1 Temple of Angry Spirits
1 Turtle Beach
1 Sacred Heart Hospital


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