Secret HQ

art (c) Mike Trap


G. G.

Author:  Jason X and The Golden Gunman  

This deck is really low on sites now that I think about it.  Oh well. If anyone has suggestions for these decks I would be interested.  This deck won the multiplayer constructed tournament at GenCon.

5 Test Subject
3 Midnight Whisperer
3 Sucker Rounds
3 Imprisoned
2 Nerve Gas
2 Neutron Bomb

3 Gruff Lieutenant
5 Pledged
5 Bull Market
3 Shadowy Mentor
2 Adrienne Hart
2 Shinobu Yashida
2 Operation Killdeer
3 Bite of the Jellyfish
3 Student of the Bear
3 Family Estate

1 White Ninja

5 Festival Circles
3 Whirlpool of Blood
1 City Square
1 Fox Pass
1 Kinoshita House


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