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Dr. Carter

Author:  Battlechimp

This is the deck I used to win the Night of the Lotus tournament at PacifiCon 2000.  The goal is to get a giant Dr. Carter on the board and clean house.  Note the trick of using Inauspicious Return to get back three Sinister Priests to pump Dr. Carter.  Smiling Heaven Lake can save you from having to play a second Architect resource if you only have 3 power and Dr. Carter in your hand.

5 DNA Mage
1 PubOrd Squad
3 Dr. Celeste Carter
2 Imprisoned
2 Nerve Gas
1 Expendable Unit
1 Neutron Bomb

5 Sinister Priest
3 Palace Guards
4 Underworld Tracker
1 Four Burning Fists
1 Demon Emperor
2 Glimpse of the Abyss
4 Inauspicious Return
2 Tortured Memories
1 Infernal Temple

3 Pocket Demon
1 Discerning Fire
2 Amulet of the Turtle
2 The Hungry

4 Smiling Heaven Lake
2 Whirlpool of Blood
1 Fox Pass
1 Turtle Beach
2 Nine Dragon Temple
2 City Park


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