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Ting Rays

Author:  Jason X and The Golden Gunman  

Here we have a classic control deck.  Difficulty at the Beginning is an often overlooked card, but can be especially effective in dueling.  Your goal is to stop an early Feng Shui drop to get ahead on the power generation.   Also stopping a first of second resource can have the same effect, forcing your opponent to replay characters instead of a site.

5 Golden Candle Society
4 Instrument of the Hand
1 Righteous Fist

5 Virtuous Hood
1 The Iron Monkey
1 Sun Chen
1 Fong Sai Yak

4 Confucian Stability
3 Wind on the Mountain
2 Iron and Silk
2 Robust Feng Shui
3 Progress of the Mouse
5 Difficulty at the Beginning

3 Blade Palm
3 Violet Meditation
1 Fortune of the Turtle

1 Secret Headquarters
1 Drug Lab

2 Night Market
5 Family Home
1 Whirlpool of Blood
1 City Square
1 Kinoshita House
1 Fox Pass


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