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Cheese Dip

Author:  Jason X  with some help from the Chimp

Here is the deck I used to win the Dueling event at GenCon. Name is provided by Andrew Davidson.

What is a-mazing about this deck is that it has two modes -- speed and control.  If you are going up against a heavy Event based control deck, you concentrate on getting the Eastern King out.  If you are against a deck that doesn't rely on targeted events (usually the Dragons), you can go into full turbo-Pledged mode.

Note the third turn Eastern King opening:

1.  FSS, Pledged
2.  Family Estate, Turn Estate for Pledged
3.  Bull Market, Turn Estate for Pledged, Eastern King

4 Student of the Bear
5 The Pledged
4 Family Estate

2 Cabinet Minister
3 Oliver Chen
2 Adrienne Hart
3 Eastern King

4 Operation Killdeer
5 Covert Operation
4 Bull Market
3 Lodge Politics
3 Shadowy Mentor

2 Sacred Heart Hospital
4 Whirlpool of Blood
3 Temple of the Angry Spirits
2 City Park

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