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art (c) Mike Trap



Author:  Jason X

This deck is designed around stealing your opponents characters, primarily with Sinister Accusations.  Both Purist Sorcerer (who can takje control of Buro characters) and Shifting Loyalties (you can control of all Pledged and Mercenary characters) take advantage of the Accusations.  Xin Kai Sheng also is a force to be reckoned with.

4 Sinister Priest
3 Earth Poisoner
3 Claw of Fury

4 Purist Sorcerer
2 Underworld Tracker
3 Evil Twin
2 Four Burning Fists
1 Destroyer
2 Xin Kai Sheng

4 Glimpse into the Abyss
1 Infernal Pact
2 DIE!!!
2 Inauspicious Reburial
4 Sinister Accusations
4 Shifting Loyalties

4 Pocket Demon

3 Temple of the Angry Spirits
1 Fox Pass
4 Proving Ground
4 Whirlpool of Blood

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