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Black Hand

Author:  Steve "The Champ" Valladolid

This is Steve's winning deck from GenCon.

I designed the deck to be played defensively at the start using cheap event cards. The deck tries to accumulate power and discourage attacks against you with cards like Tortured Memories, Inauspicious Return and the defensive sites.  I use cards like Robust Feng Shui to stop an attack against me for 2 power and redirect the damage to an opponent's site that I will be attacking next. Tortured Memories is flexible as it can be used defensively in the  early game and offensively later.  I also tried to pay a lot of attention to the power curve so that I always have cards to play. 

5 Golden Candle Society
1 Instrument of the Hand
1 Righteous Fist
1 Righteous Protector

2 Blue Monk
1 Fist of Shadow
1 Leung Mui
1 Sun Chen
2 Iron Monkey

2 Shield of Pure Soul
3 Confucian Stability
2 Robust Feng Shui
1 Rigorous Discipline
2 Iron and Silk

1 Green Sensei Chamber
1 Yellow Sensei Chamber

5 Sinister Priest
3 Earth Poisoner

1 Earth Poisoner
3 Underworld Tracker
2 Evil Twin
2 Mad Monk

1 Flying Sleeves
2 Inauspicious Return
2 Tortured Memories

3 Pocket Demon

1 Violet Meditation

1 Temple of Angry Spirits
2 Whirlpool of Blood
1 Fox Pass
1 Gambling House
1 City Square
2 Festival Circle
1 Nine Dragon Temple
2 Moebius Gardens
2 City Park


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