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Big China

Author:  Battlechimp

This is the deck I used to win the 100 card tournament at PacifiCon 2000.  The idea is to build up a huge structure of non-Feng Shui sites. amass power, and bust a move for the win.  Try not to be a threat, and ideally by mid game you won't have any Feng Shui sites in play, making other players more desirable targets.  Having the non-burnable sites in the slows down the game by forcing seizure.

5 Golden Candle Society
5 Kung Fu Student
5 Instrument of the Hand
5 Righteous Fist
2 Righteous Protector

2 Blue Monk
2 Red Monk
2 Shih Ho Kuai
2 Wandering Teacher
2 Shan Tsu
2 Sun Chen
2 Fong Sai Yuk

3 Shield of Pure Soul
5 Confucian Stability
3 Wind on the Mountain
2 Robust Feng Shui
1 Laughter on the Wind

2 Orange Sensei Chamber
2 Green Sensei Chamber
2 Yellow Sensei Chamber
2 White Sensei Chamber
2 Shaolin Sanctuary

5 Wings of the Crane
3 Blade Palm
2 Healing Earth

1 Secret Headquarters
1 Drug Lab
3 Trade Center

5 Turtle Island
5 Auspicious Termites
5 Inner Sanctum
5 City Park


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