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No Class

This is an example of a Student deck not to build.  It does everything wrong.  First, it's mono-Dragon, and the Students really need the advantage of the good Hand or Ascended Events for resilience.  Second, there are way too many 3-for-4s.  Thirdly, I made it out of as many Shaolin Showdown cards as possible, and that removes a lot of the power card and especially hurts in the Site department.  At some point I'll get around to posting the much better Dra/Hand, Dra/Asc and Asc/Hand Student decks.

5 Student of the Dragon
5 Friends of the Dragon

2 Jenny Zheng
5 Sifu
5 Novice Students
1 Bao Chou
1 Iana Mane
1 Zheng Yi Quan
1 Kar Fai

3 Dirk Wisely's Gambit
2 Kiii-YAAAH!
1 Final Brawl
1 Surprise Surprise
1 Assassins in Love
1 Who's the Big Man Now?!
1 Last Outpost
1 Claws of the Dragon
1 Thunder on Thunder
1 The Crucible
1 Carnival of Carnage
2 Golden Comeback
1 Fighting Spirit

2 Dragon Dojo

5 Market Square
5 Ancient Monument
1 Temple of the Monkey King


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