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I Choose You Manchu!

This is a pretty standard Architect version of a Manchu deck.  The basic Manchu cards are included, plus cards that will interact with them.  Manchu Garrison pumps up Grunts and Sarge, as well as unturning your Officers.  You can also sacrifice them to General Snuggles to get back an Officer as needed -- nice when Sarge is down to 3 or less Fighting..

7 Manchu Soldiers

5 Manchu Officer
1 Fist of the Bear (new)
1 Charge of the Rhino
2 General Snuggles
1 Nattraj Nalsomething

2 Faked Death
1 Bite of the Jellyfish
1 Lodge Politics
3 Operation Killdeer
2 Shadowy Mentor
1 Year of the Snake

2 Manchu Garrison
1 Opium Den

5 BuroMil Grunt

2 Sergeant Blightman

1 Geoscan Report
3 Nerve Gas

1 Temple of the Angry Spirits
1 Hartwell Iron Works
1 Family Home
1 Mobius Gardens
2 Blessed Orchard
1 Rainforest Grove
1 Desolation Ridge
1 Temple of the Monkey King
2 Whirlpool of Blood


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