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Less Monkeys

This deck has three themes in it.  It includes most of the Jammer Monkeys (both Characters and Events) to draw cards with.  It has the old standby Turtle Island and Gorilla Fighter to make sure you have late game resiliency.  And finally, it has Genocide Lounge plus lots of 1-cost Events to play for free -- these are rarely played Events and surprisingly good (and fun) if you can play them for free. 

5 Just Another Consumer
5 Resistance Squad
2 Portal Jockey

1 The Monkey Who Would Be King
1 Flying Monkey Squad
1 Chimpanzer
1 Apes of Wrath
1 Monkey Boy
4 Gorilla Fighter
1 Koko Chanel
2 Ba-BOOM!
1 Furious George

3 Scrounging
2 Too Much Monkey Business
2 Payback Time
2 Mo' Monkeys, Mo' Problems
2 Who's the Monkey Now?
2 Hosed!
2 Nuked
1 Trust Me, I've Got a Plan
2 The Underground

3 Genocide Lounge

1 Bandit Hideout

5 Turtle Island
3 Nine Dragons Temple
1 Monkey House
2 Whirlpool of Blood


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