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Hot Potato

Homemade Grenade -- Junk or The Bomb?   Only one way to find out -- play it.  This deck features one of the things I love about Shadowfist -- synergy.  Homemade Grenade isn't in this deck for itself as much as it's here for Ex-Commando and Johnny.  It's Back for Seconds on the Ex, and just a freebie on Johnny -- good stuff.  This deck also uses the Proving Ground engine, but with a new addition -- the Sabotages are to take out your opponents' Whirlpools, letting you crank out the Commandos.

4 Student of the Dragon
3 Hacker

5 Ex-Commando
2 Johnny Tso

2 Dirk Wisely's Gambit
3 Both Guns Blazing
3 Slo Mo Vengance
1 Final Brawl
1 Carnival of Carnage
2 Golden Comeback

3 Just Another Consumer
2 Portal Jockey

2 Junkyard Crawler
1 Rocket Scientist

2 Scrounging
1 Too Much Monkey Business
4 Homemade Grenade
2 Sabotage
1 Payback Time

4 Pump-Action Shotgun

2 Monkey House
2 Eagle Mountain
1 Turtle Beach
5 Proving Ground
3 Whirlpool of Blood


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