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This is my stab at a swordsman deck from the cards I have.  I actually built it in two stages -- first heavy with swordsmen, and then substituting in cards that don't suck.  This deck has the minor combo of Two Dragons Inn and Market Square/Blessed Orchard.  Pay attention to your Chi -- you really want to get two out as fast as possible.  

5 Swordsman (Fu Student)
5 Golden Candle Society
2 Instrument of the Hand

2 Gardener
5 Master Swordsman
1 Wei Fong-yi
1 Chen Sho Kung (Iron Monkey)
1 Tsung Jin (Leung Mui)
1 Li Sen-hao
1 Fong Sai Yuk

2 Shield of Pure Soul
2 Confucian Stability
1 Festival of Giants
1 Sword Dance (Festival of Giants)
1 Robust Feng Shui

1 Temple of the Shaolin Dragon

2 Violet Meditation
5 Flying Sword Stance (sub in 2 Tiger Hook)
4 Butterfly Swords (sub in 2 Tiger Hook)
2 Blade Palm

1 Ancient Grove

1 Two Dragons Inn

5 Market Square
3 Blessed Orchard
1 Rainforest Grove
1 Temple of the Monkey King
1 Festival Circle
1 Whirlpool of Blood


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