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Undead Kids

Author:  Mad Monk 

The key to this deck is of course, Scrappy Kid combined with Inauspicious Return to keep the non-stop pressure up.  A selection of Dragon hitters (mostly with guts) serves to back up the kids in case of an annoying Curio Shop or Dragon Mountain.  Never discard a Kid -- you need to get them into play.  One of the tricks this deck can do is to attack with 3 Kids, Brawl to clear the board, return them with Inauspicious and attack again.  Also this deck runs on very little power, so seizing sites or burning for victory is usually the way to go.

Note: This is the "fun" version of this deck -- the real nasty tournament version is still top secret!

3 Friends of the Dragon
4 Hacker

5 Scrappy Kid
1 Jason X
1 Dr. John Haynes
1 Johnny Badhair
1 Mad Dog McCroun

3 Dirk Wisely's Gambit
2 Kiii-YAAAH!
4 Final Brawl
2 Golden Comeback

5 Sinister Priest
2 Claw of Fury
1 Eater of Fortune

5 Inauspicious Return
2 Tortured Memories

2 Discerning Fire
2 Killing Rain

2 Dark Traveler

4 Blessed Orchard
1 Turtle Beach
1 Eagle Mountain
1 Sacred Heart Hospital
1 Kinoshita House
1 Temple of Angry Spirits
2 Family Home
2 Whirlpool of Blood


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