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Almost Invincible Queen

This is a more modern version of the famous Invincible Queen deck originated by South Bay Bernie.  This is an important deck to get to know if you have never seen one before.  It uses Hand and Chi for control, and tries to get out a Mentor Proof Queen for the kill.  This deck has been around since Standard, but I've modified to include some of the newer cards like Leung Mui and Hung Hei Kwon as alternate hitters (just watch out for Shadowy Mentor).  Die hards will drop them for more Queens.  If you can achieve the Queen with Fortune and Contract, you have passed out of the ranks of Shaolin Neophyte.

5 Golden Candle Society
5 Instrument of the Hand
2 Righteous Fist

2 Fist of Shadow
2 Blue Monk
1 Shih Ho Kuai
2 Leung Mui
2 Hung Hei Kwon

1 Into the Light
3 Confucian Stability
1 Shield of Pure Soul
1 Robust Feng Shui

2 Shaolin Sanctuary

2 Queen of the Ice Pagoda (old)

2 Healing Earth
1 King on the Water
2 Contract of the Fox
2 Fortune of the Turtle
2 Wing of the Crane
2 Blade Palm
1 Invincible Chi
2 Violet Meditation

1 Temple of the Angry Spirits
2 City Park
2 Mobius Gardens
1 Field of Tentacles
2 Petroglyphs
2 Whirlpool of Blood

2 Drug Lab


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