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Marsh Monkey

Author: Battlechimp

This is a fun deck that has a lot of synergy and possible combinations -- don't expect it to be that killer deck you've been looking for to steamroll all your opponents.  Lots of cards to go with Monkeywrenching (Redeemed Gunman, Smart Missile and Gearhead), as well as some Scrappy Kid action (Dirk Wisely's Gambit and Fusion Rifle).  Top this off with a Marsh based defense using Stolen Police Cars and Motorcycles plus Satellite Intelligence and Fox Pass to make sure that you control the target of the attack.  

5 Redeemed Gunman
3 Hacker

3 Scrappy Kid
1 Johnny Badhair
1 Little Jim

3 Dirk Wisely's Gambit
5 Stolen Police Car
2 Final Brawl
2 Golden Comeback
2 Heroic Conversion

5 Just Another Consumer
2 Resistance Squad

2 Gearhead
2 Dallas Rocket
2 Rocket Scientist
1 Furious George

3 Scrounging
4 Monkeywrenching
2 In Your Face Again
1 Entropy is Your Friend
1 Payback Time

2 Smart Missile
2 Satellite Intelligence
2 Fusion Rifle

2 Motorcycle

5 Marsh
3 Ring of Gates
2 Proving Ground
2 Whirlpool of Blood
1 Fox Pass
1 Garden of Bronze


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