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Fly in the Ointment

This is half a Johnny Badhair deck, and half something else, I just don't know what.  Well, it's part recycler and has the minor combo of Plains of Ash plus In Your Face Again and Fighting Spirit. One of the interesting things about this deck is that it uses Dragons to fuel the Tech needed by the Jammer characters -- all of them except for Koko need Tech.  This is an aggressive discard deck -- don't hold on to your hitters if you draw them early and there are plenty in the deck, and you can count on Golden Comeback as well.  This deck uses what is pretty much a generic set of Feng Shui sites -- feel free to change them as needed for your play group. 

I would substitute in $10Kman, Gorilla Fighter or Furious George if you are short on Johnny.

3 Friends of the Dragon
3 Redeemed Gunman
3 Hacker

2 Scrappy Kid
2 Netherworld Vet
2 Hiro Asataka
3 Johnny Badhair

3 Dirk Wisely's Gambit
3 Final Brawl
3 Surprise Surprise
1 The Crucible
1 Thunder on Thunder
1 Back for Seconds
1 The Prof's Gambit
2 Kiii-YAAAH!
3 Golden Comeback
1 Fighting Spirit

5 Just Another Consumer
Portal Jockey

2 $10,000 Man
1 Koko Chanel
1 Gorilla Fighter
1 Furious George
1 OrangoTank

3 Scrounging
3 In Your Face Again
1 Death-O-Rama
1 Who's the Monkey Now?
1 Weird Science

1 Market Square
1 Blessed Orchard
2 City Park
1 Mobius Gardens
1 Kinoshita House
1 Fox Pass
2 Puzzle Garden
1 Plains of Ash
1 Festival Circle
1 Ring of Gates
2 Waterfall Sanctuary
2 Whirlpool of Blood


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