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Demon Fu

This is a fun deck to play in a slower 4 player game.  It has a wide variety of characters, and can do some oddball things.  See the Black Hand over in Tournament decks for a really tight Lotus/Hand deck if you are up for some serious play.  What I like about this deck is that it's just fun to play Hand Events on Demons -- watch out for the Destroyer -- he has superior kung fu!

5 Sinister Priest
1 Earth Poisoner
2 Claw of Fury

1 Eater of Fortune
2 Ravenous Devourer
1 Underworld Tracker
1 Destroyer
1 Four Burning Fists
1 Li Yu
1 Feng Kan
1 Shi Yu
1 Ti Kan
1 Demon Emperor
1 Tanbi Guiawu
1 Burning King
1 Seven Evils

1 Dance of the Centipede
1 Rend Chi
1 Tortured Memories
2 Glimpse of the Abyss
1 Underworld Contract

1 Twisted Gardens

5 Golden Candle Society

2 Gardener

2 Confucian Stability
2 Superior Kung Fu
1 Rigorous Discipline
1 Iron and Silk
1 Shaolin Suprise

1 Orange Senshi Chamber

2 Violet Meditation
1 Blade Palm
1 Shaking the Mountain

2 Pocket Demon
2 Discerning Fire

2 City Park
1 Desolation Ridge
1 Mobius Gardens
1 Gambling House
1 Blessed Orchard
1 Family Home
1 Phlogiston Mine
1 Perpetual Motion Machine
1 Petroglyphs
1 Wall of a Thousand Eyes
1 Waterfall Sanctuary
2 Whirlpool of Blood


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