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Chi Principle

Hey!  You got Chi in my Dragons!  Actually, this is a Rigorous Discipline deck that thematically features mostly Chi characters (watch out Prototype X).  Especially fun are the two Dragon foundations -- they are just meant for Rig Dis.  This deck also has a pretty good generic set of Feng Shui, with the Fortresses and 9DTs to boost the 4 power generating Events in the deck.

5 Redeemed Gunman
2 Student of the Dragon

2 Chinese Doctor
1 Jenny Zheng
1 Ting Ting
1 Joey Paz
1 Six Bottles Hwang
1 Zheng Yi Quan (new)

2 Final Brawl
1 Kiii-YAAAH!
1 Back for Seconds
2 Golden Comeback

5 Golden Candle Society
2 Kung Fu Student
1 Instrument of the Hand

2 Gardener
2 Impoverished Monk
2 Fist of Shadow
1 Shih Ho Kuai
1 Iron Monkey
1 Wei Fong-yi
1 Li Sen-hao

1 Shield of Pure Soul
5 Rigorous Discipline
2 Confucian Stability
1 Heat of Battle
1 Robust Feng Shui
1 Wind on the Mountain

2 Violet Meditation
1 Fortune of the Turtle
2 Shaking the Mountain
1 Blade Palm

1 Nine Cuts

1 Monkey House
2 Family Home
2 Fortress of Shadow
2 Nine Dragons Temple
2 City Park
1 Hartwell Iron Works
1 Temple of the Angry Spirits
2 Waterfall Sanctuary
2 Whirlpool of Blood


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