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Subtle, Like a Brick

Author:  Johnny Badhair (Max Hufnagel)

"Subtle, Like the Brick" is not a deck to play against your friends. It's nasty. There's no subtlety to it, no tricks, no "fun" cards -- it has a Coolness factor well below zero. You will get no Style Points for beating peoples' heads in with this deck.

:  I've played against this deck and it can be pretty gruesome.  It likes bust out early with Sarge or CHAR, then settle into a more control based game, focusing on the Dragon hitters and recursion cards.

5 Test Subjects
2 DNA Mage

3 Nerve Gas
2 Imprisoned
1 Neutron Bomb

1 ArcanoTechnician
2 Vivisector
2 Sergeant Blightman

2 Friends of the Dragon
5 Hacker

3 Final Brawl
4 Golden Comeback
3 Dirk Wisely's Gambit

2 Ting Ting
2 Golden Gunman

5 City Park
3 Whirlpool
2 Sacred Heart Hospital
1 Turtle Beach

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