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Jam In Your Face

Author: Glen Murie

The point of this deck is to have a solid, playable, and unpredictable mix of cards. 
This deck works pretty well against the Ascended and the Architects, but the emphasis
is on being generalist as possible. The majority of the cards are "comeback" cards that
work well in response to opponent actions. A solid beginners deck once the beginner has
a solid grasp on the event sequence.

The only card that turns for it's effect is Field of Tentacles because my local group is
denial heavy, and in a multiplayer game half the people have Whirlpools of Blood down.

I like the unpredictability of this deck -- it's a good mix of offensive cards, and that's what the Jammers do best.  I would suggest dropping the Chimpanzers (they never work for me) and maybe 1 Rocket Scientist replacing them with a couple Low-Rent Cyborgs and Flying Monkey Squads.

Feng Shui Sites - 15
3 City Park
3 Nine Dragon Temple
3 Monkey House
3 Field of Tentacles
3 Moebius Gardens

Foundation Characters - 15
5 Just Another Consumer
5 Resistance Squads
5 Portal Jockey

Other Characters - 23
3 Dallas Rocket
3 Rocket Scientist
3 Chimpanzer
2 Apes of Wrath
2 Gorilla Fighter
2 $10,000 Man
2 Napalm Addict
2 The Monkey Who Would be King
2 Ba-BOOM!
2 Titanium Johnson
(I don't have any of the Netherworld Jammer Uniques)

Tech Cards - 6
2 Secret Lab
2 Satellite Intelligence
2 Orbital Laser Strike

Other Jammer Cards - 16
3 Scrounging
3 Payback Time
2 Too Much Monkey Business
2 Who's the Monkey Now?
2 The Underground
2 Trust Me, I've got a Plan
2 In Your Face Again


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