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Generic Hand

Author: Glen Murie

This deck is surprisingly effective. It is another generalized deck orientated towards beginners. The trick to this deck is that there is no one combination or set of cards that it relies on to do it's thing. Instead it uses a number of different cards that each have the same general effect. Both Confucian Stability and Return to the Center do the same thing to States, but with a subtle difference. Over half of the cards grant a defensive edge in one way or another, and a certain number give back power. In a multiplayer game I may scrap the Temple of Angry Spirits for Mourning Tree, Gambling House, or Desolate Ridge.

Keep the Temple in all cases -- it's ba-roken!  Notice the Turtle Island tech -- that's one of my favorite sites for hand deck.  It slows down opponents (they can't burn for power) and lets you develop (not to mention in multiplayer it won't draw attacks).  This is a classing Hand deck that combines offense and defense, and is a good deck to play if you still haven't mastered the subtleties of the Guiding Hand.

Feng Shui Sites - 15
3 Turtle Island
3 Fortress of Shadow
3 City Park
3 Proving Ground
1 Turtle Beach
1 City Square
1 Temple of Angry Spirits

Foundation Characters - 15
5 Kung Fu Students
5 Golden Candle Society
5 Instrument of the Hand

Other Characters - 24
5 Gardener
4 Virtuous Hood
3 Blue Monk
3 Wandering Teacher
1 Shan Tsu
1 The Iron Monkey
1 True Son of Heaven
1 Shih Ho Kuai
1 Fong Sai Yuk

Other Cards - 26
2 Iron and Silk
2 Festival of Giants
2 Twin Thunder Kick
2 Confucian Stability
2 Violet Meditation
2 Shield of Pure Soul
2 Heat of Battle
2 Blood of the Valiant
2 Robust Feng Shui
2 Return to the Center
2 Wing of the Crane
2 Blade Palm
2 Fortune of the Turtle

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