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art (c) Mike Trap


Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

This is a deck that I've been having some fun with.  The ultimate goal is to pump up your opponents' hand size and go to town with Father of Chaos (not to mention the often overlooked Hexagram Spirit).  The deck is a little big, but can come on strong if it can save up a little power.

5 Mathemagician
1 Purist Acolyte
2 Paradox Garden

2 Binary Spirit
2 Cognitive Spirit
1 Esteban Vicente
5 Hexagram Spirit
3 Father of Chaos

2 Pocket Demon
2 Pain Feedback
2 Entropy Sphere
1 Time Keeps on Slipping
1 Memory Palace
1 Temporal Realignment

5 Golden Candle Society
1 Kung Fu Student
1 Instrument of the Hand
1 Shaolin Sanctuary

1 Gardener
1 Yellow Geomancer
1 Fist of Shadow
1 Confucian Sage
1 Iron Monkey

2 Violet Meditation
1 Iron and Silk
3 Confucian Stability
1 Fortune of the Turtle
1 Positive Chi
1 Blade Palm
1 Shield of Pure Soul
2 Dragon Boat Festival
1 Orange Senshei Chamber

2 Art of War

2 Whirlpool of Blood
1 Waterfall Sanctuary
1 Festival Circle
1 Hot Springs
1 Nine Dragon Temple
1 City Park
1 Gambling House
1 Phlogiston Mine
1 Golden Mile
1 Fireworks Factory
1 Temple of the Angry Spirits
1 Hartwell Iron Works
1 Fox Pass
1 Turtle Beach


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