Secret HQ

art (c) Mike Trap

Dark Future introduces three new Unique Feng Shui sites, all Rare.  They are The Pinnacles, which allows you to gain power from successful attacks, Cataract Gorge with can give a character Independent for a turn, and Mount Makarakomburu, which is a hybrid between Turtle Island and Secret Headquarters.

Identity Chopshop is allows you to add and remove designators from cards you control, so right away, it looks to go into those wacky theme decks.  It's the only uncommon FSS in Dark Future.

Rounding out the set are two common Feng Shui Sites, which you are going to be happy to get in packs.  Coral Reef turns to let you discard and draw a card when you declare an attack.  Hot Springs is arguably the best card in Dark Future -- turning it allows one of your characters to be immune to effects from site and damage from Sites -- asta la vista, Temple!


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